Baby Too Low

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mommy4jenn - May 1

Help I'm totally lost!! I went to the er last week due to terrible knock you off your feet cramping.and they did an ultra sound to check the baby I'm only 5 wks so they used that wand thingy. when they came back they said I was carring to low that I'd probably miscarraige.but they also said they couldn't find a baby just a sack and they wanted me to go to my doctor in a week to get it checked out.. Well I made an appointment but the earliest they can see me is next tuesday. my question is my cramping has gotton worse also now I have terrible backaches constantly,and major diarra.I haven't gotton nausea during this intire pregnancy though which is very different then my last where I was on the toilet all day almost for my first 3 monthes. and I'm not bleeding so could I still be miscarraiging now? Is it possible to miscarry without blood??


frankschick2001 - May 1

It is possible to miscarry without blood. That is what happened to me. I had what is referred to as a "missed" miscarriage, meaning no blood or pain at all. The heart stopped and that was pretty much it. I had a D&C. I am sure that given time, I would have started bleeding eventually had I not gotten the D&C. So they said the sac was too low? They could not give you a sooner appt? Did you tell them that you may be having a miscarraige and next tues. is a little long for you to feel comfortable waiting?


Susan W - May 1

I would think from your description, that you might start bleeding here in the future and perhaps sooner than later. The missed miscarriage is one where the embryo has died/stopped developing, and your body doesn't realize it and thus does not pa__s it within whatever time frame the doctor feels comfortable with. Mine stopped at 8-9 weeks, I didn't start spotting until 10 weeks and lost it at 11w6d, so basically a month. But what you are describing are the symptoms I felt about 24 hours before my m/c, and I did bleed with that. If you lose it at home, be prepared for blood and some major cramping. It was worse to me than the delivery of my enormous baby of 11.5 lbs (natural delivery) but it is over quickly, and your body will know what to do. A heating pad will help with the cramps. And I preferred it to the thought of a D&C; I hate procedures, and I would have always wondered. If you don't want to wait, I would call and tell them you think you are having a m/c and can you get in sooner. Good luck.



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