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maude - June 11

Hello, just looking for BABYTWO. I have followed her story and she has disappeared off the forum. has anyone seen her around?


D D - June 11

Hi Maude - baby was very active on a thread that I post on abd we haven't heard from her in a while. The group is concerned to say the least. Have had two m/cs in the past I recognize that sometimes there might be a need to take a break from the site. Maude - I, like you am anxious to hear from her and that she is OK.


jessie - June 12

Hi BABYTWO if you read this I just wanted to say I was thinking of you from time to time and wondering how you are. Hope you are well. If you feel like talking you know where to find us. xx xx


babytwo - August 6

Hello all - I am back. Firstly I apologize for falling off the forum and will at first explain why and then give you an update. I got AF not long after my last BFP. I was not sure if it was a false positive (never had used that test brand before) or a chemical pregnancy however in any case I was devastated. IF it were a chemical it was m/c #4. At that time DH and I decided to take a complete break from the TTC process. We stopped temping, predicting O date and just BD'd whenever we felt like it. I also felt a little bit emotional to come onto the forum maybe even a little superst_tious that I was bringing on bad luck to myself. When I got over that I think I felt a little guilty for dropping off the planet. But today I read this thread and it brought tears to my eyes. I am so sorry for causing concerns to you all. I feel I owe it to you all to let you know that all is fine. In fact probably the main reason I visited the site is that I have a new and very strong BFP at the moment. In fact I got it 9 DPO (never got one that early) and a very strong line at that. I am currently 5w 4dys and due April 6.. I saw my GP last week and he did a blood test when I was 4w 4days and the results were 4400 which are excellent. I am currently scheduled to see my ob/gyn on 15 August where I will have an u/s to check viability. Due to my previous ectopic I am on standby this week if any free appointments come up. So far absolutely no spotting which is a first and symptoms tiredness, constipation and as of two days ago m/sickness are all very strong so we are feeling very positive so far. Of course every little pain I get freaks me out. But pulling pains, constipation pains etc are normal and so long as the pains are not like my ectopic I am rea__sured. I will make sure that I keep everyone posted. I have also made an entry on the Lucky Thread for April/May babies.


SaraH - August 6

babytwo, I don’t think I’ve ever chatted with you but I just looked at this thread and wanted to say congrats. I'm also newly pregnant (after 2 m/c) and it sounds like we are at almost the exact same point. I am due on April 5, and also have a u/s scheduled for the day after yours. My HCG also came back really high during the 4th week so like you I'm hoping that is a good sign. Anyways I just wanted to say hello since it sounds like we're going through the exact same things pregnancy wise right now. Again CONGRATS and I hope all continues to go well (for both of us) for the next 8 months.


babytwo - August 6

Thanks SaraH. If you don't mind me asking how high was your HCG. Mine was never this high with my previous so we are happy. My first BFP was at 9 dpo and the line came up strong right away which surprised me.


SaraH - August 7

babytwo, my levels are actually quite high. I had my HCG taken at 16 dpo (4w 1d) and it was 950. I also had my HCG and progesterone taken 5 days latter (21 dpo) and my HCG was at 9562 and my progesterone was at 25. So, everything seems pretty high. Honestly the 9562 actually is scarring me a bit. It seem like a pretty high number to be at when your only 4w 7d. Although since yours was 4400 at 4w 4d yours was probably about as high at 4w 7ds so... I'm probably just b__wing everything out of the water. -sometimes I think I know too much about the stuff that could go wrong and after loosing 2 pregnancies everything, even the things that probably are good signs, seem scary. I was so relieved that the numbers were high, but now I'm just worried about the things that really high numbers could mean. The OB’s nurse didn't seem concerned though about how high they were -she actually said "good news your levels have gone up to...", but honestly still worries me. It’s kind of good to hear that yours were high too –makes me feel like I have less to worry about, and all is probably okay. lol. Anyways, though “yes” mine are high too –I don’t know what they were last 2 pregnancies b/c I didn’t have them checked until after I m/c- Here is to hoping the baby dust keeps sticking to the two of us for 8 more months.


SaraH - August 7

Oh, by the way. I also got an early bfp I got a really faint one (wasn't even sure if it was there or not until I asked dh) at 8 dpo, and I got a deffinate absolutly there bfp at 10 dpo.


babytwo - August 7

Sarah - I wouldn't worry too much about the high HCG. From what I understand the levels would be much higher than ours to indicate a problem. What has crossed my mind though is - twins ?? A couple of days before my BFP my mother told me she had a dream that I told her I was having twins. I have also had a few dreams that I was having twins. Although because it has been on my mind it would be no surprise I would dream about it. The way I see it is that if it is high then that is a great sign and if it means twins then its a double bonus. How are your symptoms. I cannot get through the day without at least one nap and then I go to bed early as well. Nausea started last week. I have not vomited though however today I have run to the toilet a couple times expecting something would come up. Well fingers crossed for our u/s next week. I will keep you posted. Baby dust.


SaraH - August 7

Thanks for the rea__suring words about the numbers, babytwo. As I said, I'm sure I'm just scaring myself -this one time when I wish I wasn't interested in science/medicine and didn't have a degree that has given me knowledge of "All the bad stuff" that can go wrong. LOL. Anyways, twins has also crossed my mind. They don’t run in either side of the family (although one of my cousins just had our family's first set last yr), but dh and I would be very happy with a single or twins. As far as symptoms I'm not doing too bad. I was feeling really sick for a couple of days about a week ago, but I took a few days of prenatals that had B6 to help with the nausea. I stopped taking those prenatals (taking different kind now) almost a week ago though, and the nausea hasn't really been bad since. Most of the time I feel like I've been shook up a bit (like when you eat than go on a fair ride), but I've only had a few times where I've ran to the bathroom. I have been really tired though, had to pea a lot, felt like I've been really hot, and than, of course, had sore b___bs. BABY DUST



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