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Stephanie B. - April 7

Hey ladies, I just got back from the doctor. It has been a month since my [email protected] and they took blook and stuff. I have to go to a specialist the 18th and the wait is driving me crazey. I am so scared and emotional today. One day I will be fine and then like today seeing all the healty women carrying there babies is hard, and then the doctor subscribed me effexur, has anyone heard of this? I really dont want to take it b/c I really dont thank I need it and we want to start ttc after I go back to the doctor. Sorry I guess i just needed to vent to someone. Hope everyone is doing well.


JP - April 7

Stephanie- I know how you feel. DH and I started trying in Feb and got Preggo right away, Only to miscarry a few weeks ago. We were about 5 weeks. It hurts. All my friends are pregnant or have kids. All I do is go to baby showers and Christening. I am waiting for my first period before I try again, but the waiting is torture. Hang in there. It will all work out. God won't give us more than we can handle, even if sometimes we feel like we can't do it anymore.


mulgajill - April 7

effexor is an anti-depressant. Really i wonder why we live in a society that sees it as such a big sin to be depressed after a miscarriage. I was pretty emotional after my miscarriage and didn't really come good until after my period came and went (major mood swings and pmt from hell). I have a girlfriend who gets a bit depressed... she finally gave anti-depressants a go... she said it was the worst thing ever... she went from feeling depressed to feeling suicidal. Since going off them she has seen a naturopath and takes natural supplements and vitamins (b vitamins, fish oils, valerian plant extract etc) and is much better all round. Look after yourself stephanie... try and avoid taking the pills .... look into some herbal stuff.


Jill - April 7

Today was a bad day for me too. I was at work when my co-worker received a phone call from someone asking about her pregnancy. She started telling them everything about it (s_x, due date, etc). I didn't know the s_x or due date yet because I just couldn't bear to ask her. I just wasn't ready. I was so hurt because I felt that she could have easily asked the person to hold on so she could discuss it in her office instead of making me go through the pain. When I told my husband, he said people aren't used to walking on egg shells for you. I was so hurt because I didn't think it was asking anyone to walk on eggshells. I thought it would be obvious to an idiot that I wouldn't be ready to hear about her pregnancy so soon. It is bad enough I have to see her belly everyday. I feel so alone at times because I know I am a sensitive person in general, but this is a very hard time and I thought that people would be a little more cautious around me. Then I beat myself up because I think maybe I am over reacting. I absolutely hate this whole experience. Just when I think things are getting better, I fall right back down. Just when I think I am ready to ttc again, I become depressed and feel that it isn't fair to bring a child into this world under these circ_mstances. I wish this would all go away. It has been four weeks, I haven't gotten my period yet, and half the time I don't even feel like a human being. I just needed to vent to someone who understands what it feels like. I know that people who haven't gone through this can't really understand, but the least they can do is try to have a little sympathy.


Stephanie - April 7

Hey girls sorry about all of your losses. I really did not thank it would be this hard after this long,and i am so glad to be able to talk to people that are going through the same thing I am. Hopefully my mood swings and all this emotion will go after my cycle. I decided no to take that effexor I looked into it on the internet and read what mulgajill said about it being for depression and all this other stuff, and I know I have my days but I am not depressed. I know after time I will be ok. Jill I am sorry you had a bad day too, it sucks I know what you mean about being around pregnant women. Its is diffucult and i really dont thank they understand or know, but it bothers us. Talk to yall later.


JP - April 8

Jill- If it make you feel any better, you have to come to the conclusion that people are stupid. I had my miscarriage about 3 weeks ago. I came back to work after being home last week. I guess I was still feeling like c___p and apparently I must of looked like it too. One of my co-workers who had no idea I was pregnant (none of them did as it was to soon to tell people- I was only 5 weeks) asked me if I was pregnant. It took everything within in me not to cry in front of her. I politely said no. I caouldn't wait for her to leave my cube so that I could be alone. It was horrible. So Jill--- bottom line I know what your going through. Also my cousin is preganant (she is like my Best friend really). She talks about the whole preganancy non-stop. It's annoying. For some reason God thinks we can deal with these people.


Jill - April 8

JP-They say that God doesn't give you more than you can handle. That may be true, but it sucks. I talked to a therapist and she said that I should tell my friend that although I want to be happy for her pregnancy, it is a really bad time for me and I would appreciate it if should could try not to talk about her pregnancy in detail around me. I think about doing that from time to time, but when I feel like c___p, I don't want to, and when I feel pretty good, I think if I bring the topic up I will begin to cry. Maybe one day I will feel up to confronting her with it. I am sorry that you have to listen to your cousin talk about her pregnancy all of the time. I know that it is an exciting time for her, but I think that people need to have more consideration. I was thinking about my coworker, and if she lost her baby right now and I got pregnant, she would feel horrible if I started talking about my pregnancy. People in general need to use more common sense. I know this may sound harsh, but I feel that we at least deserve that. I hope you are doing well, and if at some point you feel overwhelmed, maybe you should talk to your cousin about how difficult this is for you. Because she is your best friend, she will understand. talk to you soon.



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