Bad Night Last Night Sex After D Amp C

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Marcie - August 29

Hi-First I am very sorry for everyone that has gone through the loss of a child, know matter how far along they were!! I am 34 and this was my first pregnency! I had a mm/ heartbeat on July 15th..had to have a d/c on Aug I am almost 3 weeks post d/c and my dh and I had s_x (protected) for the first time since my d/c.....When we were done, I really started crying....we are waiting to ttc until after my first cycle! Up to this point I have never used a condem, and I hated it! It felt so cold and impersonal! My dh was really understanding, but I just want to have that first period......Anyone else????


MrsHalvie - August 29

I am so sorry for you loss and pain. I did not have a d&c but our first time after the miscarriage was emotional for me too. We did not use a condom as we were not trying to stop having a baby, but before we did it we were talking about if we were sure we wanted to start trying. Anyway, my dh got scared and kind of interpretted what we discussed wrong and pulled out. I ended up crying and told him that if we weren't ready to try again then we weren't having s_x until we were. We tried a condom once and didn't like it and I didn't what this to happen again as I wanted to be with him to be close to him and this was so cold and impersonal and not what we are used to. I hated it too. He was so understanding but it was very difficult especially with all the emotions and hormones.


Q - August 29

It was very strange for me to have s_x again. With my first m/c, I did end up in tears, but after my second, it was just nice being able to be close with my bf. We use a diaphragm, so it's easier to not notice it. Condoms are super annoying for us, so we don't use them unless we need to.


Marcie - August 29

Mrs Halvie and Q-Thank you for for kind words and help. Today was a better day w/ emotions, and I just told my dh that I didn't really want to do the condom thing again, unless AF takes forever to get here! I think I have seen signs of her coming, but will just have to wait and see.....God Bless and prayers and baby dust to you both!!



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