Balanced Translocation Chromosone

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Jaime - October 5

My husband has a balanced translocation chromosone. Please share your expierences. We have 1 healthy daughter (pregnacy #4) and 4 m/c's.


nicola - October 18

L have a balanced translocation, have had 5 pregnancies too - 2 miscarriages, little boy, two miscarriages. It is awful playing the waiting game isn't it, and I dread having to have an amniocentesis if I become 'properly' pregnant


CHristine - October 19

I am happy to hear you have one healthy daughter! My husband has a balanced translocation on his 1 and 19. We have had seven miscarriages in two years. We have seen about five specialists all say the same thing. It is luck- not all sperm are affected. It will take when a healthy sperm is the one to get you pregnent. Good luck and good bless.


Jaime - October 20

My situation is like yours, one daughter, 4 mc's, three this year, one nine years ago, just before my daughter. I just went through all the blood tests and am waiting for the results. My doctor said they can only diagnose with karyotyping in 3% of all people with recurrent mc's... so you guys are rare (I won't say lucky....), to know that this is the problem. You can have your embryo preselected and chromosomally a___lysed then do invitro... that will avoid future mc's. otherwise, you keep throwing the dice... I think that's what we may wind up doing.


Erin - October 20

Sorry, the above post is from ERIN to JAIME


Erin - October 22

Have any of you considered invitro, where they check the embryo to make sure it's OK before implantation... This was offered to me as a solution, but I am more inclined to try naturally for another year. We were lucky and did have a normal child... If we didn't I would do it.


missy - October 22

Have you considered IVF with pgd (preimplantation genetic diagnosis)? It's expensive but they can test once cell from each embryo to look for the translocation & only implant embryos that are balanced. You'd then have a better than normal chance of miscarrying. It can save you the grief and hardship of multiple miscarriages, and the timein your biological clock wasted.


Erin - October 23

Missy - have you done this? What state do you live in? Ma__s. forces all Insurance Co.'s to pay for all infertility treatment, including IVF. My cousin is having PGD done. She lives in MA and has had 2 IVF's (never pregnant - she's 32, trying for 4 years), and they did not take, so they are going to try again with PGD. I live in NY, which makes insurance co's pay for all infertily treatmentst excluding IVF (NY is one of only six states that insists insurance co's cover any infertility treatment). Do you know how much IVF with PGD costs? I'm curious.



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