Bathing And Swimming

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Curious - April 19

I just had a miscarriage about a week ago. My doctor just released me a few days ago with no restrictions. I know I am not supposed to use tampons until my next period, but as far as baths (not showers) and swimming and hot tubs go there was nothing said. I know that it is wise not to use a hot tub while pregnant because it has been known to increase chances of miscarriage, but what about after miscarriage. If I do go swimming or get in a hot tub what could happen?? I need to know how long to wait because I really want to get my strength back, and swimming is the way that I do that and forget my troubles.


Alison - April 20

Curious I'm not an expert but I don't see why swimming would do any damage if you take it easy and don't overdo it. It sounds like a good idea to me to help you build up your strength. Take care xxx


Liz - April 20

I was told not to take a bath or go swimming for two weeks after the d&c. The reason is because the cervix is still open, and the water could cause infection if it traveled up to your uterus.


Alison - April 20

Sorry Curious please ignore my post if you had a D&C and listen to LIz instead! I never had a D&C with either of my miscarriages so I don't know much about them. Liz's advice sounds wise if you had that procedure. Sorry again! Take care and thinking of you xxx


Mandy - April 20

I asked my midwife the same question as bath taking is very relaxing to me and she told me that medical research has proven that water actually does not enter inside your body when bathing or swimming as many have believed for years. Sorry for your loss...good luck.


Curious - April 20

I never had a D&C it pa__sed on its own, so I dont have to worry about the open uterus. thanks for all the comments though, usually no one replys. I was just wondering because I didnt think any water would affect me, but my mom says that it could cause an infection, she never a had a miscarriage though, so i wanted to consult some people who knew. did any of you have any trouble bathing or swimming after miscarriage?



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