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kristie h - January 17

Hey BeccaC, how are things? I answered your other thread about the back to back miscarriages. I am also 5 weeks pregnant!! I am due the 16th of september. When are you due? I am sooo scared about this pregnancy. My 1st loss was a molar pregnancy. Lost that one at 8 weeks but found out at 12 weeks and my 2nd loss i lost that one at about 5 weeks last year in febuary. I dont have many symptoms only constipation, tiredness and i love hot chocolate and vegimite toast. What symtoms do you have? I would love to chat to you, send me a post. Take carexx


BeccaC - January 17

Hi! I'm so glad you answered!! I was hoping to hear from you since we are are going thru the exact same thing. My due date is also September 16th!!! My LMP was December 10th. My 1st MC happened Jan 06, I lost the baby at 7 wks but didn't find out until 12 wks, so for 5 weeks I had no idea that there was something wrong, and I told EVERYONE I was pregnant. I never bled & they did a D&C. My 2nd MC was in July, the Dr did an ultrasound at 7wks to make me happy, & he saw the baby's heartbeat. When I had another ultrasound 2 wks later, the ultrasound showed the baby's heart had stopped. I had to go in for another D&C. I was devastated. Now, pregnant for the 3rd time, I am overjoyed and scared. I just got some bloodwork done today and my first Dr. appt is Jan 29th - which seems so far away! I don't have many symptoms, just nausea, which I never had before. But I didnt feel nauseous today, so I keep second guessing myself. I want to throw up and be nauseous - imagine that! And every time I get cramps my heart skips a beat. Doesn't it seem like you have been 5 weeks pregnant forever? Don't you wish you could just fast forward to twelve weeks? I would love to keep in touch with you throughout our pregnancies!! I will pray for you and your unborn child. I a__sume you are from Australia? ( It was the vegimite toast comment that got me guessing.) I live in Connecticut, USA. Would love to hear back from you Kristie!!!!


kristie h - January 18

Hey, good to hear from!! My LMP was the 10th of december also. I wish i could fall asleep for the next 7 weeks and wake up when the 12 weeks is here. January 29th seems like so far away, but it will come fast. So you wont know the results of your blood work till the 29th? I also get cramps. Last week when i tested positive i had period pains but by the 5th day (the day i should of finished my period) they were gone. Now i get ovary pain every now and again and a pressure feeling in lower abdomen. What are your cramps like? I have a doctor appoitment on monday, i confirmed my pregnancy with the doctor on the 10th of january and he wants me to go in every week till i think i am 12 weeks. I ma from Australia, boy its hot here, we are having a very bad drought. Whats it like in the usa? You guys would be in winter now? Well i hope to hear from you soon, have lost of rest and take each daty as it comes. Take care, hugs.


BeccaC - January 18

It's good that your Dr wants to see you each week. I am just starting to get tired the past few days, and my nausea isn't as bad. I want to know the results of my blood work, I hope my HCG levels are high, because they were low the last two times. This is my last attempt at trying, so it is all or nothing. I just can't go thru it again - physically & emotionally. I do have a daughter who will be 4 in March, so I have to thank God for that blessing. It is so weird, I had the perfect pregnancy w/ my daughter, except I had gestational diabeties and had to inject myself w/ insulin & I had a c-section. But I had a perfectly healthy baby. So that is why I don't know why I had two MCs after that. Do you have any children? By the way, the weather was 50-60 F all winter (this has been the warmest weather on record.) The past two days the temp dropped below 20 F - it is snowing out right now and it is COLD!!! How are you feeling - the same? Let me know...


Ella82 - January 18

Hey Kristie h sorry to jump in on this thread, we have almost the same edd Sept 17 is mine, then i noticed you said your loving vegimite toast and was like "is this another aussie" where in Australia are you from? I am from NSW live in a little town about an hour north of Newcastle. This is my 2nd pregnancy first ended in m/c (i had a missed m/c in early nov i was 10wks5days baby was 6weeks 1day) i waited for first af and started ttc again now i'm pregnant and very scared but trying to keep positive. Good luck to you and also you too BeccaC i hope we all have beautiful babies to hold in our arms!


BeccaC - January 18

Welcome Ella82, it is comforting to know that I am not alone...I would love it if all 3 of us could write about our newborn babies in September - how exciting that would be!! I think it is a great support system, especially during these first three months. Please keep in touch.


Ella82 - January 18

Hi thank you BeccaC. I am usually on the signs of pregnancy board and have stayed on the same thread with the same group of girls while ttc for this and my last pregnancy. I love them all but I feel bad posting some of my worries on there they are all there wanting to have a baby and here i am pregnant posting some of my concerns. I think i should only post when i have something positive to say. I am trying so hard to stay positive but in the back of my mind i cant help but feel scared. It will be good if we can all support each other.


BeccaC - January 19

Even though miscarriages are devastating, I think I would rather get pg and miscarry instead of not being able to get pregnant at all. When you think you are pg, it takes so long for you to take a pregnancy test, and if I was negative month after month, I think I would go insane. My heart breaks for the women who are trying to get pregnant but just can't. With two MCs and pg again, at least I know I can get pregnant. And I'm glad you could move on from ttc to getting pregnant. If it is any consolation to you, three of my friends MC and the next time they got pregnant they had beautiful, healthy babies!


Ella82 - January 19

Thanks Becca, yes i have actually known a few women who have m/c'd and have gone on to have healthy pregnancies. I keep telling myself every pregnancy is different and praying helps me get through. I do feel lucky i can conceive i would love for all the women i know who are ttc to fall pregnant soon. I have my first docs appt monday to get blood work done i'll be 5weeks 6days then and hopefully be able to get a scan done the next week at 7weeks.


hailey07 - January 19

Hi ladies, I was due on September 16th as well.... imagine that. Unfortunately this is my first pregnancy and first MC. I wish you the best of luck with your babies and I hope you both have safe and healthy pregnancies. Good luck! Keep me posted on the milestones, I would like to know when I would have heard the heartbeat, known the s_x, and felt it kick. You are so lucky to have these babies and I wish you all the best!


kristie h - January 19

Good morning ladies!! Ella glade you can join. I live in QLD but i moved up here 5 years ago from Sydney. Becca, i have a son who turned 2 on january the 15th his birth was also a c-section. He was a big boy weighing 8 pound 6. Ladies people say third time lucky, hope thats our case. With my last loss i stressed so much about lossing and that is what happend. With this one i am trying to be more positive and hoping and praying that everything is going to turn out. This morning i woke up with most strongest head spin it wasnt funny. Have yous gotten this? Becca how are the cramps going? do you still get them? Ella, good luck with you blood work and doctors appointment, let us know how you go. I also have an appoitment on monday with my doctor. I am scared as he will most likley do a scan, but i think everything will be ok. Take care all and lotsa rest.


BeccaC - January 19

Hello Everyone. I really am starting to look forward to these posts. It helps me get through each day. Yes, I still get cramps. And sometimes I get very dizzy, especially if I stand up too soon. My biggest symptom (and embarra__sing too I guess) is that I have a lot of indigestion and nausea. I have never burped so much in my life!! And my stomach makes horrible gurgling sounds and I feel like I have bubbles in my belly. I hope its a good thing, because I've never had this before. Today all I could eat was some crackers and 1/2 of sandwich. I'm hungry but there seems nothing good to eat. I'm glad I'm on those prenatal pills to give me the daily dose of vitamins. **********************************Hailey, I am so sorry for your recent loss. I know how you feel, and my heart goes out to you. Please remember to NEVER blame yourself, because I did for the longest time. Sometimes, as hard as it is, you have to think of this as a blessing in disguise. If I miscarry for the 3rd time, I will be okay because I am doing everything I am suppost to be doing, and even though I will feel sad (this is my last attempt) I will be okay because it is not my fault. I know words won't heal your pain, only time will mend your heart. I wrote letters to each of my babies, and that made me feel better. And although I am excited about this pregnancy and pray that God gives me a beautiful, healthy child, in the end, I will be okay with whatever happens. Keep in touch ladies....I always welcome your support and advice!! XOXOXOXOX


Ella82 - January 19

Hi Girls, Hailey i am so sorry about your loss, i know you will be hurting right now take your time to grieve, over time you will eventually start to feel better x kristie i get dizzy very easy even just sitting down on the comp and getting up a little too quick makes my head spin will have to talk to the doc about it. I feel pretty good b___bs feel fuller and i seem to get gas pains at night. Becca I also cannot find anything to satisfy me in the food department. Kristie good luck with your appt on Monday have a good weekend all xx


michelleshockley - January 19

Kristie H, I was reading through this post and I wanted to find out more about your molar pregnancy that you had? I too had a complete molar pregnancy in July of last year. Everything looked good, the hcg's were rising, no bleeding until I went to my 7 week ultrasound and the tech had a real hard time. I knew something was wrong. I waited two more weeks to pa__s everything. I finally had a d and c the 3rd of August. How long did your doctor tell you to wait before you caould try again? Please email if you read this.


hailey07 - January 19

ella... is that your name? or your child's name. It sounds craxy but as soon as we found out i was pregnant my boyfriend and i started looking at names and ella was the only one that agreed on. I LOVE that name!


kristie h - January 20

Hi Ladies, Becca i so wish i had morning sicknes like you!! I feel sick every no and again but nothing to realy complain about. Ella i to get gas pains, i tell you the smells that come from other end, boy you wouldnt want to be in the room. Today i have lower back pain so i am trying to rest. I hate it, every single pain i feel i always think the worse...............Michelle, i lost my partial molar in june 05. I didnt even know i lost the pregnancy untill i had my 12 week scan and they said the my uterous was still growing like a normal pregnancy but the baby had dies ad 8 weeks. They put me in for a D&C 2 days later. When i was told about the molar pregnancy i was told to wait 6 months to ttc. From the time i found out to the month i could ttc again i had to get HCG blood tests every week to make sure the hcg are going down. When the HCG was below 5 i had to go for blood tests every month till the 6 months were up. I am pretty sure that if you have had a complete molar pregnancy you have to wait about a year if not longer. One thing i have read that cause this type of pregnancy is to much vitamin A. So i would watch the food that has vitamin A in it. Hope i helped. Hailey, sorry i didnt read your post the 1st time i wrote. I am so sorry about your loss. I know no matter what i say it wont take the pain away but i feel your pain teriably. When i lost my last pregnancy i was only about 5 weeks and 1 day, and even though i just found out it hurt so much that it was taken away from so soon. If you want,stick around, i am sure us ladies will be here for you for support. Hugs xx


Ella82 - January 20

LOL kristie i know what you mean about the gas at the other end!! Hailey Ella is my middle name its actually my grandmothers and great grandmothers middlle name as well so if we have a girl her middle name will be that too. I have NO idea on the first name though. Would love a girl as dh has 2 boys from a previous marriage but all i am praying for is a beautiful healthy baby!!



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