Been Asking The Question For 3 Days And No Answer

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karen - October 13

i have read that many women bled during their pregnancy. i know that this is common my question is how much do you bleed? how often? i have been spotting on and off. it only last like a dayor once it was for 3 hours. its mostly brown but two days ago i started to get dark red. its not as heavy as a normal period and no clots (sorry) but i didn't know if ths is normal


Sandra - October 13

I'm no expert on this as I've had no bleeding but from what I've read brown/dark red blood is old blood. It's the bright red bleeding you've got to be wary of. Better to get it checked out.


Roxanne - October 13

I had the same problem you had during my pregnancy. I had some minor spotting over the first few weeks but wasn't really concerned since you hear about it all the time. Then one morning I woke up and there was blood all over my pj's. When I got a scan I had a blighted ovum. I should have been 11 weeks and 3 days. That was back in February and I still have not been able to get pregnant again. I am finally getting other tests done and a pelvic scan done tomorrow to make sure the insides are okay after the D&C. I suggest you go to your doctor right away, get your HCG levels checked. My problem was that I never thought anything like that would happen to me and didn't bother going to the doctor because it was very light and I never experienced cramps. I pray that is not the case for you. Please let us know how things turn out. Good Luck!


detroit - October 13

When I had my m/c I never stopped bleeding it just got worse and worse by the day. Are you having any bad cramping? You should go to your dr. asap. good luck


lisa - October 13

I started spotting at 11 weeks went for a u/s the baby h/b was 176 four days later went to doctor heard the h/b it was 156, but started to bleed alot more over the next few days, with boold clots. On 9/6 my water broke went er and had to have a d/c the same night. The doctor keep telling everything looks fine. So if you think something is wrong call your doctor if they won't listen go to a different one. I hope everthing is fine for you and I send you lots of baby dust!!!


Kim - October 14

HI Karen: this site is awesome at having the answers to questions like this: (take out any dashes that may appear in that link). There is lots of information on there about bleeding.



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