Been Over A Year What To Ask

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ksmom - October 26

Hello Ladies, well its been well over a year since I had my M/C. April of 06 was when I passed my angel. It is now Oct. 07 and I have an apt with my doctor to find out why we cant get pregnant. (my obgyn told me it was cuz I was too fat, well I know thats not true) So I am going to the doc on monday and I am wondering what I should be asking the doctor (like test wise and what not he could do for me). I am on day number 57 right now. I mean ya I have irregular periods, but they were fine till May of 07 (around 30-40days) but I got married in June of 07 and they havent been the same (May was the last then got one in end of Aug and now I have nothing). So if anyone could help me out that would be AWESOME :) Thank you ever so much. You ladies are wonderful on here (from my past experience). (Oh and I already have a 4 yr old (will be 5 in Dec) and I am 27yrs old, dh is 28) Thanks for your time :)


ksmom - October 26

I forgot....I did go for tests in Jan of 07 and i was a unanswered patient as they put it to me. And then I was busy with the wedding so we didnt do much more(cept try to concieve) until after the wedding, cuz i was normal periods. But now I want to know what is wrong, Thans again :) I tought I should explain that part.


Tory1980 - October 26

I don't know what to say as I don't have that problem. My cycles were pretty regular although the Doctor described them as longer than normal at 34-36 days depending on when I ovulated. At 27 I would find it hard to imagine the menopause although that is what it sounds like from your description! LOL! Have you done a HPT just to rule out the chance of pregnancy lately. I would a__sume you have done one before now since you are TTC but it might be worth repeating it. If you want to bounce into the CleanSlate as a lot of ladies over there mught have more answers than I can give you. Good luck though and I hope the Doctors can give you some answers!


stillmourning - October 26

You might have PCOS. Ask your doctor to test you for it. PCOS is found more often in overweight women, and is characterized by irregular cycles.


ksmom - October 26

I was tested back in January for PCOS but came up negative. But when I go on Monday to see the doctor, I am going to get pregnancy test, and tested for PCOS again and infertility *along with my dh*. Tory, no i havent done a test lately, not since just after the wedding. But I am thinking I will wait till Monday to get one done. And thanks bout the CleanSlate option...will look into it :)


stefkay - October 26

Hi ksmom, do you chart or use opks to see if and when you ovulate? If not, that could be one of the main reasons you are not getting pregnant. Irregular periods are one of the prime causes of infertility. Also, I don't know how much overweight you are, but excess weight can contribute to infertility in many ways as well so I can kind of see where the doctor is coming from if he/she couldn't find anything else wrong. Did they do ANY other testing at all? That would be kind of presumptuous of the dr. to just say it is your weight without checking out some other things though. Weight can also cause major hormone fluctuations (thus screwing up cycles) and making pregnancy difficult to happen or maintain. Being underweight has the same effect. Have you had your thyroid checked? Good luck to you in getting a bfp very soon!



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