Been Reading Stories Am Worried Now

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Worried - April 14

I had a miscarriage when there was no baby in the sac. Also my HCG numbers were hardly rising at all and the sac was very small and hardly growing. I had scans over the space of 2 1/2 weeks and still no baby to be seen and still levels very low and hardly moved up at all. Sac grew a tiny bit over 2 weeks but hardly any. They said with all the evidence it was defiately failing so I had the treatment and had miscarriage. Now I'm reading all these people who didn't see baby and got 2nd opinion/more scans and baby was there then. I'm scared that maybe my baby was there after all and I wanted them so much. Should I have waited another week after the 3rd scan just incase? They said there was no hope. Reading these stories had worried me. Please what do you think? Please tell me I'm just being anxious for nothing.


Davida - April 14

Worried: You should not torture yourself about things now. You should put your mind at ease that you did what you were advised to do based on the best medical information you had available. Second guessing yourself without having any contrary evidence is unfair to you and won't change anything. Grieve your loss and try to look forward to a healthy and happy baby! Best wishes!


Heather - April 14

Worried - You shouldn't second guess yourself. You had repeated tests and they all showed the same thing. A faily pregnancy. I'm very sorry for your loss. It sounds like you had a blighted ovum. That is the same thing I had over a month ago. I wanted to still be pregnant so bad and wanted the dr's to be wrong too but the simple truth is they were not wrong. I actually miscarried naturally. It was very painful both physically and emotionally. I know it's hard right now but try to focus on ttc again soon. How far along were you?


Worried - April 14

Thank you for your advice. I was 8 weeks when I miscarried. but I was 6 weeks when I first went in for checks as I had a spot of blood then lots of brown discharge. I just wish I hadn't read those stories sometimes I think I read too much but they made me feel horrible as like you I wanted them to be wrong too. I just have to try to not torture myself and move on. Thank you for your help.



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