BFP 10 Weeks After Pregnancy Loss Pls Read

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Patreasa_Mullen - March 10

Hi ladies. I lost my baby girl Dynasti 3 days after Christmas. I was 22 weeks pregnant and I went into premature labor due to Chorioamnionitis, an infection of the amnionic sac. I was told by my doctor to wait 3 months, which is now, and me and my husband decided we would try again. I bled after I gave birth for 2 and a half weeks. 2 weeks passed and then i had a period, Feb 4th. I ovulated late, on Feb 27th or 28th. Since then, I've been feeling nauseated, and VERY tired, and so i decided to take a PG test, to clear the air, so i can find out what the h__l was going on, lol. Well, i took the dollar store test, last night, the cassette kind, and It came out positive. I got excited, but then I wanted to test again later that evening, so i tested again, and it was negative. I tested again this morning, and you could see a VERY VERY VERY faint line. it wasn't an evaporation line, or anything. I went to that site and looked this test up, and it seems to be pretty accurate, with NO false positives. I was wondering if any ladies every used this test and got a bonafide BFP. I am afraid to jump up and down for joy yet. Any comments or answers would be appreciated. Thank you ladies.


Christy1 - March 10

Hi Patreasa. Maybe you should just get a blood test with your dr. so you will know for sure. Good Luck and let us know.


Rhiannon - March 10

I have only gotten very faint lines with pregnancy tests. Even if you can barely see the lines, even if you have squint and hold it out a foot from your face, it probably means +++. Congratulations, but go to your dr for a blood test. False positives are very uncommon in all tests.


AshleyB - March 10

I had good luck with those $ store tests. I used them to let me know when the hcg was gone from my system after the m/c. And have used them the last few months since I've been trying again. All negative of course. I trust them completely!!!


Daniella - March 12

I trust them completely if it wasn't close to a pregnancy. Your body remains HCG for quite some time after a pregnancy. 10 weeks it should be out of your system. Yet, a tiny bit might remain and if its so very faint it could just be detecting that tiny bit. You were also pretty far along, so you would have had a lot of HCG, so it would take much longer to get down to 0. Mine took 5 weeks before it was down to 5. But, I was only 12 weeks. It may possibly well be a new pregnancy. Best advice is just go to your Dr. ASAP. Not just to confirm a new pregnancy, but to make sure nothing is wrong. Here's hope... As soon as my HCG went all the way down (5 weeks post loss) I did conceive and I am now 31 weeks.. So, this may be a brand new start for you. If so, congrats!!!! Let us know what the Dr. says. Good luck!!!!


HopefulK - March 13

Hi Patreasa, I remember you from when I lost my little girl in November, we were both posting around the same time. Hope your getting through it. Just an opinion but I think it sounds like your pg again hunny. You RARELY get a false positive twice!! I too am pg again, I am 7/4 wks now, we got caught much earlier than I thought we would and I didn't get a bfp until the day before af was due. Go and get another pg test, maybe a clearblue digital (no room for error there) and confirm it for yourself. Congratulations. xxx



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