BFP After M C 10wks Ago With No Af Any Advice

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debi - June 19

hi, i'm just wondering if anyone has any advice for me, i had a natural m/c on 4-6 and have had no af. i know that i ovulated on 5-29 and now i have had 5 BFPs in the past few days(i keep checking thinking that it will change) i'm so scared that it is too soon. i have had 3 "normal" pregnancies prior to the m/c, so i know that i can carry a baby. this was not really planned, we intended to wait at least one cycle. if anyone has a "positive" story that they would like to share i really need to hear it.


Sandra - June 19

Hi Debi, don't worry too much. There are lots of success stories of ppl who got pg with no af in between. I am one of those, getting a BFP 7 weeks after d&c. I am now 15 weeks and growing by the day. I've had no issues or complications this time around. I also followed a lady called Misty's story (I still see her name on the 2nd trimester site). Misty fell pg with no af and is now around 23 weeks. Congratulations!


Debi - June 19

thanks Sandra, congratulations to you too! i put a call in to my dr. last week to get a script for provera to bring on af and they wanted me to do a hpt first, i thought that there was no way it would be + but i figured "ok" and was shocked. i guess i will call them tomorrow and have them check my hcg levels to make sure they rise as they should, last time they didn't so my m/c was no surprise, just disappointing.thanks for your help, and good luck to you!!


Amy - June 19

Debi i'm in the same boat as you but we ttc after we m/c may 3 and i 'm now 5 wks pg i to have had 3 pg before the m/c and had no problem but i had my levels checked when we found out last time and they were low i had no bleeding or nothing so i to know what was comming i hope all goes well for all of us going throw this i seem to be so a___l but trying to enjoy


Debi - June 19

Amy, congratulations, it's too scary,and i understand what you mean about being a___l. i just found out about being pg again and i'm pretty much a basket case, i was so excited last time, just to be disappointed. this time i can't even be cautiously optimistic until i see those hcg levels go up as they should. how far along were you when you m/c? i was 11 weeks but the baby stopped growing at about 6, i knew for about 3 weeks that i would m/c before i did and to be honest with you, by the time that it happened i was somewhat relieved, although i didn't expect the pain to be so "labor" like. oh well, we'll see what happens. good luck to you!!


Amy - June 19

Debi i was only 6 wk and it was an natural m/c but it was not bad for me really just like any other af just a little more flow but i found out april 25 and my levels were 27 then they went 6.9 and back up to 48.9 then down to 6.5 and never had no bleeing at all till may 3 when it happend but they told me may 2 that i would m/c but as soon as i found out this time i ran to get levels and 13th they were 64 and 15th they were116 i still was alittle worried but the dr nurse said that was fine it did not quite double but she said don't worry your fine so i sure hope so i'm going back in on fri for more then i'm hoping on the 30 they will do ultrasound


Debi - June 19

Amy, good luck to you, keep me posted on your progress. I'm sure that you will have a great pregnancy this time. I won't feel any better until i have my levels checked, so first thing tomorrow i will call the dr. I'll let you know. Thanks for sharing your story with me.


Misty - June 19

Hey Debi, just like Sandra said I got pregnant right after a m/c with no a/f in between. They have me as actually concieving not even a full two weeks after the m/c. When I went in for an u/s to date the pregnancy according to that u/s I actually got pregnant on like Jan.7th or something like that. But I had the m/c on the 12th. The u/s tech figured I hadn't even been pregnant in the first place that first time around and had to actually pull my files from the hospital from where I had gone in to believe me. I had been 7 weeks ccording to the u/s the day before I m/c when I went to the ER bleeding. But then my doctor explained that you normally get pregnant two weeks after the date that they begin counting from. Anywho, that was kindof off subject. But yeah, I got pregnant really really quickly after my m/c and everything has been o.k. so far. I have progressed normally and not had any complications at all. I am 23 weeks and 2 days right now. Had tests and an u/s and everything looks normal. :-) So things can definately still go o.k. even when you get pregnant right after a m/c. From what I have heard the doctors just like you to wait for an a/f to come first so that they can more easily date your pregnancy. If your lining hadn't replenished itself enough yet from the m/c then you wouldn't have been able to get pregnant. The hardest part now will be getting past the first trimaester when so many little things can go wrong. Believe me, I know how tough it is to wait. I was scared everytime that I went to the bathroom and even had a really bad nightmare one night about losing this baby. I'm really long-winded I know, :-) GL to you. I'll come back by to see how things are going for you if you keep posting. I wish you lots and lots of luck and baby glue. And Sandra, pretty neat that you thought of me. It was surprising to see that someone out there remembered me and wrote about me. Thanks. :-)


Debi - June 19

Congratulations Misty, you are more then 1/2 way there.It's good to hear the "success" stories post m/c. Was that your first pregnancy or do you have other children? I was totally taken by surprise when I found out that I was going to miscarry because I had 3 healthy pregnancies prior, it's one of those things that you don't think will happen to you. I work in a hospital and was really surprised to hear of how many women that I work with who have had miscarriages, it almost seems like it's some big secret that you aren't supposed to talk about. Anyway, lots of luck to you and your little bundle (do you know what it is?) and I'll check back in to give you an update when I find something out. Thanks for the hope :)


Debi - June 23

hi, i just wanted to let you know that i went for blood work. on monday 6-20 my hcg was 172 and today 6-22 it was 427. so it has doubled, but i'm still a wreck, i'll talk with my doctor tomorrow about the next step, an u/s at this point may not show anything anyway since i'm sure that i'm still too early. i want to thank you ladies for the good wishes and the supportive stories. i'll keep you posted.


Amy - June 24

hey ladies i thought i would let you all know that i had blood work done today and 3117 so it looks good


debi - June 25

amy, sounds good!! i have to go monday 6-27 for another blood test and the week of the 4th for an u/s to confirm that preg. is where it should be. i got my fingers crossed and just praying that all goes well this time. do you feel preg? i have sore b___sts and gas, that's about it for me. it has me scared, i know that i am only a few weeks but i think if i was vomiting it would make me feel better. (that really sounds bad) but i'm just really nervous. keep me posted and i'll do the same. take care!


Amy - June 25

debi i never really get morining sickness i maybe only got sick a total of 5 times with all my kids but my bbs are sore lower back pain not to bad and yes lots of gas i go 30 for ultrasound i will be 6wks 6d i hope we will see somthing


Debi - June 27

Amy, Lucky you, no morning sickness. With my last baby (she's now 3 1/2) I was sick on and off for the whole 9 months, that was alot of fun :| I had my HCGs checked again today and when I go to work tonight I'll get the results, I'm almost too scared to find out what they are. Good luck to you on Thursday with your u/s, I'll be thinking about you.


debi - June 28

just to let you know-hcg yesterday was 3700- so far so good. u/s on 7/5- good luck to all:)


Amy - June 29

ya debi sounds great i go to dr tomorrow hope i get to see baby i will let you know


debi - July 5

i went for my u/s today and saw my little blob. i am measuring at 6wks 5 days which is close to where i thought i should be. we could hear the heart beat at 118 bpm and the tech said that is right where it should be. i want to thank you all for your input and happy stories, i now feel cautioulsy optimistic. thanks again and good luck to everyone :)



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