BFP After May M C Scared Amp Paranoid HELP

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Monique - August 30

I m/c my first child at 10 weeks on May 14th. It was the most traumatic & painful experience in my life--physically & emotionally. It's taken months to be okay. In June and July I desperately tried to get pg to somehow make it all better. This month I finally came to peace, decided to wait until 2006 to try again... And today--BFP!!! I am so upset! I can't even be happy because I'm sooo scared. I am afraid to hope again. I don't know how to get past this...HELP


Ann - August 30

Take heart knowing that not every pregnancy will end the same way. I am on my 6th pregnancy. I lost three, had my son, had an ectopic and am pregnant again (I know about fear as I am only 11 weeks) All in a span of 14 years. Try not to be upset - life loves to throw you those curves! Unfortunately all we can do is roll with it and deal with it the best we can. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep us updated as to how you are doing.


Q - August 30

First of all, congratulations! I know you are maybe not too excited, but that is part of having suffered a m/c. But you have another opportunity now. Take good care of yourself and keep doing things to help keep your mind off of this pregnancy and m/c. Let yourself hope, because hope is sometimes all you have. Take care and keep us posted! ***baby super glue to you***


Monique - August 31

Thank you so much Q... you just made me cry! (Hormones already?!?) lol


Amy - August 31

Monique hi i to had a m/c in may and i got pg 3wks later and i to worry about everything but keep the faith and all will work out i'm now 15wks 4d


kp - August 31

Monique, sorry about your m/c. I had one in March and am now nearly 9 weeks pregnant. I like what Q said... have hope. And Ann on life throwing those curves... we got to ride the tides best as we can. Chances are greatly in your favor for being in that 2nd tri soon and moving right along to Labor day...!!! (There are a lot of scary stories out there and we have been through an awful ordeal, but statistically we are in the good...). Wishing u the best!!!


Shantal - September 1

I had a m/c in April. Took me a while to come to terms with it. I am now scared to death because I don't know if I m/c again or I'm pregnant. It's just frustrating and hurtful when everyone who was pregnant when you were now have their babies and you just wonder of what could of been



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