Bicornate Uterus

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brock - October 24

I am only 20 and I have a bicornate uterus. For me to regain control of my cycle and to ever have kids I have to have a surgery to correct it. Has anyone had this surgery and know if it will infact help me have kids later in life?


april baby - October 25

Hi Brock, I am not sure of the surgery. I just had a miscarriage about a month ago and found out that I have a heart shaped uterus. I know that for a fact that many people with this type of uterus has had babies. Have you had any exams on your uterus. I am making an appointment to look at my uterus next week. Good luck~


indenial - October 25

Hi, Brock. I'm a__suming if they are recommending surgery that you have either a septum or extremely distinct horns. My cousin had the surgery to remove the septum and went on the have two successful pg's back to back. I think if you just have the horns and no septum you can have successful pgs regardless of the surgery depending on where the baby implants and how much the uterine shape at that location will impede growth. Hope this helps and good luck


HopefulK - October 25

Hello Brock, I have a heart shaped uterus, like indenial says, if your being recommended surgery then you probably need to have the septum removed. I have had a history of difficult pregnancies, unfortunately I lost my daughter at 28 weeks, and then went on to have a blighted ovumn. Neither of which was put down to the abnormality. The good news is I have a beautiful healthy baby boy. So it is possible to have a baby with this type of situation. The issues it raises are mainly to do with extra bleeding in my pregnancies because one of the 'horns' of my uterus doesn't know I'm pregnant until about the 5th month. The other thing is that I have a tendancy for preterm labour. I had my son at 33 weeks. So just wanted to let you know it can work out, sometimes its a tuff path but there is hope. Good luck. xx



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