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emtcutie1028 - September 24

Hey I need to be on birth control for one month before I can try again. We are not fond of condoms but will use them if need be. Has anyone just used the dissolvable film birth control and has success with it? What about the sponge??


samy - September 24

hey keena, how u doing? y ur doc putting u on birth control....u can do without any of these...even our doc said we should not concieve for next 4 months today i completed 1 month...i think u can go without any of these. i honestly dont know wat is dissolvable film birth control....can u tell me wat it is?


emtcutie1028 - September 24

The dissolvable is like spermicide. My doc isnt putting me on anything...but when november rolls around we can try again. But we dont want to use condoms until then.


samy - September 24

ok.........we will also try aroud nov- dec ...(sorry for the TMI) till then sperms will be ejaculated outside


ShoppingForTwo - September 25

Hello ladies. Emtcutie, if you absolutely think that it is necessary to get on birth control then I would recommend the nuva-ring. I was on it for 6 months in 2006. I stopped using it around the middle of Dec. and got a positive pregnancy test late Jan. The instructions say that if the Nuva-ring falls out then you have to wash it off and replace it within 3 hours but if someone takes longer than that then its like when people are on the pill and they skip the pill a couple days by accident. I thought it would take months to get pregnant striaght off birth control so I stopped using it a couple months before we wanted to start trying but to our surprise I was pregnant within days or weeks, one of those. After losing our daughter my doc said wait 3 months. I just figured I was lucky to have gotten pregnant so fast last time so I decided to not get on any hormone bc and just to use condoms those 3 months. We went and bought a pack of 12 rubbers and now that our 3 months is over we still have some of them left lol. We were faithful to the pull out method (and condoms here and there). Now that our 3 months is up we have been actively ttc. My af was due the 20th. . . I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck! Oh P.S what about spermicides or those two things you've mentioned. I think those would be better than the pill or nuvaring. Just choose what's best for you, good luck!


samy - September 25

lots of baby dust to u...i m keeping my fingers crossed too for u.....wish u all the best.


emtcutie1028 - September 25

So if we pull out we should be fine? My doc said wait 3 months and I just want to wait the 3 months and not end up preg. I dont want to get on BC though.



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