Birthday Blues

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ksmom - June 15

Hey laides, this isnt a just feeling sad, i had a m/c in April, we tried right away I got AF last thursday (and its still going, i usually lst 4 or 5 days) and today is my 26th bday. It really sucks, its like noone even remembered, not my gparents or aunts n uncles (wich we are all close tho) I havent got no phone calls or emails from them either, Ive had like 6 people who said it to me, my son, my dh, my mom, 3 people from work. Oh well i guess its just another day........hope you are all having better days on my bday than i am.......thanks for reading this


DownbutnotOUT - June 15

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im sorry to hear about ur lose and your a little down. I hope your birthday goes good and dont feel to bad my sister and brothers forgot my bday. It was only my children, DH, and mother that remembered and there bday wishes were more special than 10,000. Take Care XoX im sure your day will get better...


ksmom - June 15

Thank you so much, i guess the ones who remember mean the most to you!! My brother is taking me, dh, and ds out for supper so thats a good present for me :) My brother n myself, are really close but yet he lives like 6 hrs between us, so when he comes down its great. My day is going abit better. Thanks for the reply


Morrison1 - June 16

K - I am sorry to hear you are down and that your day was tough. I understand. I do hope that it turned around for you and wanted to wish you a happy belated birthday. I guess we all get bad ones now and again, but thing with birthdays is that there will always be more! Who knows what is in store for you over the coming year. Look forward and hold your head high! Your body will be back on track soon <<<hugs>>>


kiza - June 16

ksmom, HAPPY BIRTHDAY I hope it ended up being a little bit more special than what it started out as. I hope you don't mind me saying but you seem to be really down lately ( understandebly after a loss ) but I was just a bit worried about you and wondered if you were getting any help from your dr or social worker? I was also having a hard time getting a grip on things, but mine was mainly due to not sleeping at night, that was the time when my head would fill with all the things I had tried to shut out during the day. My dr put me on a light sedative and after a few goodnights sleep I felt like a different person. Don't get me wrong, I still have my moments but I seem to handle things. Please don't think I am being rude, but I just wanted to make sure that you have some support at home. Take care. xxxxx


SaraH - June 16

I'm sorry ksmom. It sucks when people forget things that are important to us -things that make us feel important to them, (eventhough we know they really care and are just being forgetful). Anyways, I know I'm a day late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I hope last night went better and that today goes better for you than yesterday morning did. Love, Hugs, and prayers.


ksmom - June 17

hey ladies, well later on the day it was getting better, but then i had to watch my nephew on MY birthday (for longer than they said they would) but after he was gone, me n dh watched a movie n snuggled. which was nice cuz ds was alseep by 830. Oh i finally finished af yesterday *thank god*. Kiza, my doctor doesnt really care bout me (actually he is the OBGYN, he really isnt my real doc) he just tells me i need to loose weight, excercise n what not, but i have been eating right, and my fam goes for walks every day or every second day (whichever we arent tired lol) but to me it doesnt seem like i am not losing anything :( and he is just going to get nasty with me once again. Not many people like talking to me, cuz they say i am just repeating myself and all that, but sometimes it helps to let people know how i feel. I always get really down and depressed every 2nd month or so, for like a week, and well looks like this is the month lol. today is ok, my bro, his kid stayed last nite, and we have my nephew again tonite (so his parents can get a nite away......too bad me n dh cant get a nite away with a free sitter) Oh well I guess i should go have a nap, im not feeling up to par today, im feeling nauseaus, my bbs hurt, and ive got MAJOR headaches off n on all day oh ya, and im burping and farting like crazy IT IS SICK lol........well thanks ladies hope to hear from someone......i love talking to you ladies when you reply cuz it makes me feel liked and what not. take care until next time. BTW NOONE WAS RUDE OR ANYTHING, JUST ALL CORRECT!! :)



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