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jen771 - January 18

I'm not sure how far along I am. I finally told my boyfriend I'm pregnant yesterday. I've heard that you cant have a miscarriage from being hit in the stomach, but today in my gym class we were playing baseball and the guy in front of me swung the bat and it hit me in the stomach... well i was sick for a really long time and i didnt feel good. about five minutes later my friend told me i was bleeding and she thought maybe i'd started my period... and i was bleeding but it had a lot of clots in it, not like my usual period. and i know im pregnant because of the tests. (i know i've taken over 20.) but since im not sure how far along i am, im not sure what happened. i dont think its normal and i know i need to go to a dcotor, but did i have a miscarriage?


hailey07 - January 18

I don't think that you can know that for sure until you see a doctor. My doctor diagnosed my miscarrigae through bloodwork and through a pelvic exam ( I was having light spotting at the time). I would suggest going to the doctor very soon. You want to rule out something like an ectopic pregnancy which can be life threatening. If you notice any extreme pain on one side of your abdomen and not the other, or if you are feeling faint I would seek immediate medical attention. Also bleeding can happen at any point during your pregnancy, and your doctor would be able to give you an idea of how far along you are. Does your mother know about your pregnancy? You may have to tell her if your condition gets worse.


jen771 - January 18

no, she doesn't know. me and him are the only ones that know besides his brother and his brother said he would take me to a doctor... but i want to find out everything BEFORE i talk to my mom... how can i do that?


DownbutnotOUT - January 19

I would think it is veyr possible to have a miscarriage from being hit in the stomach it would add pressure down below and it is very traumatizing. I would go to the dr's immediatly because you can lose to much blood and risk bleeding to much. When was your last af? haveyou missed a period yet, if yes when was it due?


hailey07 - January 19

well if you go to your family dr. your insurance will be billed if you don't pay fees upfront. your mum will definitely get a bill of anything charged to your insurance, so you could maybe go to your health department or a planned pregnancy department. i must say that you should talk to your mum first, you;re going to need her help in this whether you are pg or having a mc.



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