Bleeding After D Amp C

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goldfish - April 4

I had a d& c on the march 17th.Iam have very less bleeding since then.The bleeding is very less but does seem to stop. how long does the bleeding stay.? I have no pain and cramps


kittiekitten - April 5

hi, i think with every women it is different, but i bled for right around 7 days. i didnt bleed too much the 2nd or 3rd day because of the pills they gave me but then the 4th and 5th it was heavier and tapper off. i wasnt in much pain at all, and didnt need to take any pain medicine after the 2nd or 3rd day. i hope this helped and im sorry for your loss. kittie


leasa - April 5

Hi, am sorry you had to go through this. i had a D & C back on the 10 February. I didnt bleed for two days following but I spotted a tiny bit for up to 2 weeks but never had any cramps etc. My AF came a bit earlier that cycle as well at 25 days but everyone is different. What surpised me is how quickly the body heals and goes back into a cycle. Good luck to you.


yev - April 12

goldfish, i had a d&c on the exact same day as you! i also had no bleeding for 2 days after the d&c, then it started with bad cramps and back ache for a few days, the blood clots. after that the bleeding was light, sometimes even just spotting, but it still hasn't stopped yet. has yours stopped? i called my ob last week and she said it's normal, not to worry, some women bleed for 4~6 weeks. i'm very frustrated and the thought of having to wear a pad for 6 weeks really depresses me quite a bit. does it mean my period will come much later? or is it even possible for me to have my period while i'm still bleeding from the d&c? i'm very sorry for your loss, best of luck to us.


HOPE - April 13

If the bleeding doesn't stop after a couple of weeks I would see your doctor. I almost had to have a second d&c because not everything was removed with the first one. They ended up giving me medicine to expel the last bit of tissue and luckily this worked.


yev - April 13

hi HOPE, i asked my ob last week on the phone if i should see her, but she said if i didn't have any cramps, fever or other discomfort apart from the bleeding, it should be fine and it's normal for some women to bleed for 4~6 weeks. so she told me it'd be fine to stick to our apt which is on the 28th of april (which is 6 weeks from the d&c). is it possible that i'm having my period now since it went from very minimal spotting earlier this week to light bleeding? it's really on and off and hard to predict, i just hope it will suddenly stop!



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