Bleeding After D Amp C How Long

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Sarah - March 14

Hi, How long did others experience bleeding after a post-miscarriage D&C.. I just had mine on Thursday. I'm also really tired. Has anyone else experienced this?


Jess - March 14

I had a m/c followed by a D&C one week ago today. I stopped bleeding by Wednesday and then just spotting for 2 days. But I was very tired after everything.


Julie - March 15

Hi Sarah, I had a d&c on Wednesday the 9th and am still bleeding. Seems to be getting worse than better. Mornings are worse (Dr. said that's because uterus bleeds but it pools there until you get up in the am, then you get contractions to get rid of it, he said that's good actually). But its been 6 days for me and still quite a bit of bleeding. You??? You are probably still tired from the hormones. They are going back down. My Dr. also told me to expect aches and pains from the hormones changing. A pregnancy hormone relaxes all your ligaments and things, when those hormones start decreasing rapidly you'll have aches and pains. I have a backache, aches down the front of my legs and my pubic bone (like where the baby would come out). He said that's fine.


jenn - March 15

I had a d&e last Wednesday March 9th. I bled off and on for 4 days but now it has completely stopped. My dr said everyone bleeds differently. You are probably tired from the hormones and the stress - I know this has been a horrible experience for me


neha - March 16

i started miscarrying on 1st or 2nd march & had a D&C on 7th march. i bled for 4 days & still spotting. does any one know how long it takes for th hormone to drop down to 0?


sarah - March 16

Thanks Julie - my d&c was last thursday, and bleeding seems similar to your pattern. I can't wait for it to be over! I hope you are feeling better soon.


Julie - March 16

Hi Sarah, yes, actually I seem to have stopped bleeding and almost no cramps or anything. So it took about a week for me to recover from the D&C (a__suming no more symptoms come back). So, now I guess I wait for signs of ovulation and period. Did your Dr. give you any suggestion for how long to wait? I've heard two things......1)you are more fertile the first three months after m/c. but 2) you need to give your uterus a few months to build up a healthy lining again before conceiving. What did your Dr. say?


Petra - March 16

I bled for about 4 days after my d/e and it has been 4 weeks. I have not yet had my periode but my b___bs are starting to feel sore. I am hopefull that I will get it by next week. I was tired for about a week after the d/e which makes sense, they do put you under... It is normal. I don't know about my hormones... I started to loose those pregnancy signs quickly after I found out the baby stopped developing. his was in week 8 and the baby measured about 5 weeks.


Sarah - March 19

Hi, 8 days post D&C and still bleeding - just a little but its looking more like the bleeding i had before the D&C any thoughts? experiences?


Liza - March 21

I for the most part stopped bleeding last friday, didn't need to use anything just some light spotting then this morning I woke up with a real bad urge to go to bathroom and ever since then I've been bleeding worse then ever with any AF and way way worse then when I first got D&C a week ago. I went to ER/Dr. today and she said I was fine but gave me some pills to take that are supposed to do something for the bleening? Methergine...has anyone ever taken that?


Nica - March 21

I had a D&C yesterday. Am not bleeding at all today and hardly feel any pain.


Fana - March 22

I went for the 1st Trimester Screening and found out the I had miscarried at 10 weeks...I took Misoprostol on Feb 5th and the miscarriage took place...It's now March 22nd and I'm still bleeding!!! Last week the doctor said that it seemed like I got my period as the bleeding began to get heavy again...but now it's over a week and the bleeding has still not stopped. I had an ultrasound to ensure that everything was alright (all the material pa__sed) but the ultrasound revealed that there was still some material the doctor manually went in & sc___ped all the material out...Two days ago I had cramping in my stomach..and yesterday something came out...I could only catch a glimpse of was the size of a golf ball and seemed hard (not a blood clot) but kinda yellow...anyone have ANY idea what it may be????


Heather - March 24

It was probably the sac you pa__sed. If it was the size of a golf ball and yellow (kinda hard)... It was probably the sac. That is exactly what mine looked like. This came after the d&c??


Fana - March 29

Hi Heather....I didn't really have a proper D&C - the 'sac' came after the doctor recalled me and manually cleaned me (I guess you can say a minor D&C) - but yeah it appeared after the cleaning & but during my period. - b/t/w what's is the 'sac'?


liz - March 31

My bleeding didn't start until 3 days after the D&C and it had BIG clots (old blood maybe?) I have cramps like PMS, and it's been 2 days so far. I'm tired, too but remember we're probably emotionally drained.


Chrissy - March 31

Sarah, Hello, I had a m/c with a D&C in November, I had moderated bleeding for about a week, and I also Had no energy, My Dr said that with the amount of blood lost and my hormone levels out of wack so was my body.


Gwiip - April 1

After my D/C I bled for 41/2 days my period is usually 3 days I had some cramping on the fourth day and that was it. They say if your bleeding after a D/C is longer and heavier than your worst period to get yourself checked out.



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