Bleeding After D Amp C How Long

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Gwiip - April 1

After my D/C I bled for 41/2 days my period is usually 3 days I had some cramping on the fourth day and that was it. They say if your bleeding after a D/C is longer and heavier than your worst period to get yourself checked out.


Gwiip - April 1

After my D/C my hip jionts were very elastic for about two months afterwards I would be walking and I would sundenly stumble I know pregnacy hormones softend the area for birth (Gee thanks mother nature I needed that reminder) any body have a simular experince?


Tammy - April 4

I miscarried on March 28 and have soaked a pad an hour since then. They gave me methergine for 3 days and now that the medicine is gone I'm soaking up pads again. ultrasound shows nothing was left behind and I didn;t have a d&c. I was 10 weeks baby was 6weeks in size.Help anyone, advice????


Sandra - April 4

I had D&C on 27 Feb, had moderate bleeding for 6-7 days, and then started bleeding heavily on day 10, with lots of big clots, but it only lasted a day. Doc said it was to be expected as my hormone levels dropped very fast which caused the lining to come away completely. Also had lots of aches, especially lower back. When I went to the doc to get it checked out it turned out I had contracted kidney infection after the D&C (cyst_tys that went untreated). If in doubt see the doc, at the least it could put your mind at ease.


Tammy - April 4

My lower back has also been killing me since this has all begun.


Tammy - April 4

And the headaches!!!!


rae - April 4

I was diag. w/ blighted ovum March 24 and waited 8 days before going ahead with d&c. Wanted to wait it out, but couldn't handle the emotional aspect. Lot of spotting since d&c last Fri & nausea too. Anxious to try again!


Samantha Jankovich - April 18

I had a D/C on April 6th after a blighted ovum. I had little bleeding for 5 days then started heavy bleeding and felt terrible. My Dr said it was an infection and put me on anti-biotics. It has now been 2 weeks and I am still bleeding, he said it could last a month. How do I know when this bleeding stops being from the D/C and is a period?


marie - April 21

Hi I had my D&C on tues april 19th I have very little bleeding


AK - April 22

Hi all, i have been diagnosed with a blighted ovum about a week ago. My doctor has scheduled me for a D&C in a week. I am very confused, because i feel that I want to miscarry naturally, but can't handle the waiting... emotionally i'm just very drained from all of this (as I'm sure you all understand). Sounds like a D&C is the best option right now. I think we all experience feeling tired.. it's a physical aspect multiplied by the emotional aspect. It's a lot to deal with. I'm 36 (nearly 37), it was my first pregnancy... am very scared at this point. I'm glad I found a place to share my feelings. Best wishes to you all.


fairy - April 22

Hi everyone, sorry for all of you going through this. I wonder if many doctors are offering the medication way of miscarrying.. I just took it this week, at 10.5 weeks of pregnancy, and although it hurts more than normal m/c, it means you dont have to go through a surgical operation and anesthesetic. Of course, this is usually for a missed m/c when nothing is happening naturally. Anyone else have this option?


Laurel - April 25

I had a D&C 3 days ago (on Friday) and experienced only very minor bleeding right after surgery and then minor bleeding two days afterwards. I am supposed to go to work this morning and woke up with bad cramps and now red blood (the last couple days it wasn't so bright, looked like it was old) now it is bright red and more. I am nervous. Looks like this is common but I am not sure. Any advice?


amy - April 25

I am also wondering what is normal cramping after a d&c? I had mine 2 days ago, my cramping only started the day after and has been very bad. The bleeding is not that heavy but the cramping is making me nervous


Sam - April 25

I was diagnosed with a Blighted Ovum also. very confusing I had my D & C on April 18th it has been 7 days I am still bleeding and very crampy my lower back is just killing me. I also got an infection from the surgery - how long are the cramps supposed to be. Good luck everyone


Nora - April 26

Hi, I had D&E 2 weeks ago. I didn't bleed the 2 first days, then I started to spot brown. My doctor said I might spot up until my next period. I felt tired the first week, then I felt better than ever. I am very hungry, which is not usual for me. Exercising every day is helping a lot to feel 100%. Just keep in mind that every woman is different, some bleed a lot, some don't, some get their periods in 4 weeks, some in 8 weeks. Good luck!


jo - April 27

hi i had a d&c on sunday, had heavy bleeding since now losing big blood clots, is this normal?



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