Bleeding After D Amp C How Long

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jo - April 27

hi i had a d&c on sunday, had heavy bleeding since now losing big blood clots, is this normal?


LG - April 28

Hi everyone. I had a D&C last Friday (4/22). Had very light bleeding and almost no cramps Friday and Saturday, but then Sunday I started to bleed more, and it's been on the increase ever since. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night with really bad cramps and am bleeding as if I have my period. Is this normal? Thanks.


sarah - April 28

For your info ladies and so you dont feel bad about alot of bleeding-- I am having nothing all day then like once a day this surge of blood will pour out and then nothing its so wiered! I am bleeding heavy too! The first 3 days nothing now it ALoT like once every day this spurt will come out! Sucks!


U - April 28

Hello All, I had D&C 3 weeks ago and I am still bleeding. It was never a lot(expect for 2nd day after D&C). But it has not completely stopped. I am spotting everyday. Is this normal. 3 weeks sound quite a long time. Its dark brown and really smell old blood. Should I consult my doctor? has this happened to anyone else? Please advise, Thanks,


Niki - May 8

It's been over two weeks for me (D&C was Friday 22 April), and though I'm not bleeding a lot, it's consistent every day, and I have slight crampy pains if I get up and about too much. The hard part for me is having to wear pads all the time. I always used to use tampons, but they say I shouldn't (and I tried once, but it hurts, even the small ones). I think I will be bleeding until my period. Hope it stops then!


Keri - May 9

I bled for about 3-4 days and then nothing for a couple of days before a period started. I couldn't count that as one of two normal ones I needed to have before we ttc again. I was tired as well, but you'll soon get your energy back. I miscarried 2/22 and am now 4wks pregnant.


Ailene - May 10

Hey ladies. I had my D&C 0n 25th April and I had bleeding for a couple of days and on may 9th I had this non stop bleeding for the whole day I was soaking a pad each hour or less. It almost suddenly stopped today. I am confused as to what is happening...did this happen to anyone? help...


Bella - May 14

Didn't your doctors give y'all meds? Mine gave me Methergine so I won't bleed to much and an antibiotic. I had the D&C today. Is it not normal to get these?


j - May 14

hi bella i had an injection in hospital after d & c to help stop the bleeding and antibiotics. im still bleeding now slightly and i had operation on 24 april.


Niki - May 14

It's Niki again - I stopped bleeding thank God. Now I have a slight brownish yellow discharge, but it doesn't smell bad or anything - doesn't seem to be an infection. I still feel bloated and strange in the evenings mainly, and a little bit of cramps, but not as much. Not so tired now either.


Samantha J - May 15

hI again, my bleeding has finally stopped but it was about 5 weeks altogether. I went for reflexology and that made me bleed more but I'm hoping that was a good thing, to clear it all out. Am feeling much better, less tired and ready to start trying again in a months time.


Intan - May 16

I went for D&C on 26th April but still bleeding. My doctor told me that I will experience bleeding for about 3 week because of twins. My period should start after 4 weeks and the uterus should return to normal size in 6 weeks.


jo - May 21

Hi all my bleeding has stopped after 3 weeks and 4 days. best wishes to all


PI Girl - May 26

Had a D&C on 5/24 after miscarrying an 8 week size embryo at the 13 weeks into the pregnancy (progesterone drop was the cause of the miscarriage). Had no pain prior to the D&C but did have spotting and minor bleeding. D&C from pre-op to recovery was exactly 30 minutes and was out the hospital door within an hour. Had some minor cramping but getting adjusted by my Chiropractor ended that within an 90 minutes of leaving the hospital. Have had no cramping since and so so much energy. Doc gave me one round, 4 pills, of Methergine and four days of anti-biotics. Woke up this morning and am barely spotting. Feel great!!! My OB says we can start to conceive on my next natural period...and the paper work from the hospital stated the same thing and that medically and biologically it's safe to do so, that the uterus and the lining are ready to go!! So we have a consult with our IVF doc in ten days to put together a plan to start IUI procedures as soon as possible.


Angela - June 4

I had d&c on april 28th, didnt bleed much at first, then heavily for 2½ wks, then got my period, no difference, and now am spotting dark brown daily still after 5 wks. I was 8wks along, fetus stopped developing at 7 wks. Cant wait to be back to normal.


BB - August 18

I didn't have much bleeding the first week after my d&c, but then started bleeding quite heavily. I had an u/s and ended up having to have another d&c 2 weeks after the first because there was still tissue in there. It has been 10 days since my last d&c and I am still bleeding. Dr. wants to put me on hormones.



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