Bleeding After D Amp C How Long

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BB - August 18

I didn't have much bleeding the first week after my d&c, but then started bleeding quite heavily. I had an u/s and ended up having to have another d&c 2 weeks after the first because there was still tissue in there. It has been 10 days since my last d&c and I am still bleeding. Dr. wants to put me on hormones.


Sharon - August 20

I started to miscarry last Saturday, the 15th. The Dr said to try to pa__s it naturally and I went home , but by Thursday I was so sick, high fever and shortness of breath. I ended up back in the ER and the chest xray confirmed diagnosis of bacterial pneomnia ! How could that happen? I was fine, no coughing or chest pain, just plain short of breath and winded .Still bleeding and wont be able to keep the OB appointment on monday if I still feel this bad. No way now to get the D&C, have you ever heard of anything like this?


Muna - August 21

I am tired. I had a 7 weeks miscarriage at the end of July and took D and C on August 2nd. After D and C bleeding was stopped for 3 days. But after that still I am having bleeding. I am from other country and do not know Japanese well. Japanese Dr.s know English but they do not feel comfortable to speak in English. In the meantime I have visited Dr. thrice and she checked my overay and said nothing was left there and nothing is wrong. She asked me to wait untill September 2nd when my menstruation will be started (i am not sure about it). Dr. seemed very confident and said not to be worried about it. But I am too much worried and afraid. Did anyone experienced such a long bleeding history after D and C ? I will be happy if someone share her experience and suggest me if there is any.


Patty - August 25

I had a miscarriage I was only 4 1/2 to 5 weeks. I bleed for only about 5 or 6 days (just like a period). Do I need a D&C? Its only been 19 days since my miscarriage.


To: Dianne - August 25

Please alert your dr to your symptoms. If your chills are related to having a fever, you could have an infection.


To Muna - August 25

I'm sorry you are having the language barrier to complicated this already stressful and lonely time. I miscarried at 10wks on Aug 2nd, had a D&C Aug. 5th. I'm still bleeding too. It's light, a couple of times a day and a few clots this week still the size of a pinto bean. Last wk they were more the size of grapes. Dr. said some people just take longer, as long as it isn't bright red (new blood), then I am still just getting rid of old material. It sure sucks. I thought they sc___ped and suctioned my uterus clean of everything apparently not. I was hoping to get back to a normal period soon, but I'm a__suming bleeding for 3 wks after the D&C is slowing things down...or rather my body works slower than I would like for it too. My normal periods are 25 days apart for about 5 days. I've called dr. every week to ask if it is too long for bleeding and they won't give me a date to expect it to stop. I'm getting a little frustrated too. No chills, fever.


Jill - August 26

I'm almost in the same situation. D&C Aug. 7. No bleeding for 3 days then bleeding for 16 days. The last few of those days were a clearish fluid but enough to wear a pad. Day 19, bright red spotting again. Cycles are usually 25 days so I'm wondering of this is AF.


Amy - August 27

Hi, I had a d&c 2 weeks ago monday. I spotted for the first three days then it got heavier. It has now been almost 2 weeks and when I get up in the morning I am pa__sing pretty large clots and during the day it is not heavy except for when I wipe and then it is bright red blood. I feel like this will never stop and I don't know if this could be my cycle or just part of it.


Bridget - August 30

I had my D&C done on Aug 23. I bled the first day a little. Then spotted red until Sunday when spotting turned to brown. Woke up Monday morning with an overflowing pad and tons of red blood. Have been bleeding since. I have never worn pads so I don't know if this is a lot of blood or not. Also, the nurse told me last week after brown it could turn to red again due to another layer shedding and healing. However, I am freaked out today and going to see if I can get in to the dr. to make sure the amount is normal. Have vacation road trip scheduled Friday and would surely like it to return to spotting by then.


mel - September 2

I had a d/c at 8 weeks pregnant. I bled (red) for five-six. Sometimes it looked like it was stopping, and then it would start again. But after six days it became very very light brown, (didnt even need a panty liner)


Marge - September 3

Hi! Had D&C last August 31st due to a blighted ovum. First day after had no bleeding, then second day had some spotting. Today Sept 3, had moderate bleeding. Had one blod clot about 2cm in diameter and got a bit nervous. Have minor Cramping as well. BUT HAS ANYONE EXPERIENCED PAIN WHILE GOING TO THE BATHROOM TO TAKE A POOP? LAST NIGHT AND THIS MORNING, I HAD SEVERE PAIN RIGHT BEFORE THE CRAP WOULD COME OUT? PLEASE, I AM SCARED. ANYONE LET ME KNOW IF THEY HAVE FELT THIS TOO?


Erin - September 3

Hi - Yes - I had bleeding for a awhile after D&C, then was hit with stabbing pain in my uterus. Turns out it was a small (not visible by ultrasound) ectopic pregnancy. Had to take methotrexate (a nasty cancer drug) to terminate. Go get your HCG levels checked - fast!


Mer - September 3

Hi - i am so glad I found this board! I had a D&C a week ago Friday due to a blighted ovum. I went 10 weeks before they realized there was no embryo. I didnt bleed at all for the first few days after the d&C and then WHAMMO! -- i have been bleeding heavy dark red blood and pa__sing big nasty purplish-black clots that look like slugs..nasty, nasty stuff! And my lower back is killing me. I received an antibiotic during the surgery as well as for a week afterward, but nothing else. My hormones are also going up and down like a yoyo and its been hard on me, my husband and my 15 month old daughter (who is also sick!) I called the Dr. and they told me to call back on Tues after Labor Day if the bleeding is more than one pad per hour. I sure hope this is over soon. Take care of yourselves ladies, and dont over do it! Happy 'Labor' Day to us all! Here's to no more D&C's in the future.


Jade - September 4

I had my first ultrasound at 12 weeks on August 26, which showed a missed miscarriage. I took misoprostol but after 3 days began to haemorrage very badly and lost consciousness. I was rushed to emergency and had a d & c a few hours later. That was 6 days ago. I am still bleeding, blood has changed from black, 'old' blood to fresh red and I now have very bad abdominal pains, particularly when I pee. I am fearing cyst_tis, so think I will go see a doctor. But yes, headaches are bad, I hadn't thought about changing hormone levels until reading other women's stories. I really feel that the hospitals ought to give us more details about what to expect -- I was told "light bleeding for a few days" and that's it.


Miss Thing - September 6

I had a D&C on 9/2 for a BO. I didn't start feeling any type of cramping until saturday night. I am still bleeding, it first started out as spotting where I only needed panty shields now, I am in overnight pads. The cramping with me is far worse than the bleeding. I was up ALL night long on Sunday because the pain was so intense. And I felt it most of the day on Monday. Last night for the first night since the D&C was the first night I was able to sleep, so I had to take the phone off the hook so as to not be disturbed. Best wishes to all of us mothers TTC again....


Miranda - September 6

I too had a d/c on Aug 30. I only spotted for 3-4 days but then went back to Dr for fever chills and body aches. Turned out had an infection from the procedure, with antibiotics on board I am feeling better. Bleeding has not started up again. I am hoping it doesn't and I can continue to work toward my first normal period. In response to Marge: I too experience sharp pain as I have bowel movements. Perhaps it is the feeling of poo moving through beside your tender uterus...Good luck to everyone.



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