Bleeding After D Amp C How Long

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Miranda - September 6

I too had a d/c on Aug 30. I only spotted for 3-4 days but then went back to Dr for fever chills and body aches. Turned out had an infection from the procedure, with antibiotics on board I am feeling better. Bleeding has not started up again. I am hoping it doesn't and I can continue to work toward my first normal period. In response to Marge: I too experience sharp pain as I have bowel movements. Perhaps it is the feeling of poo moving through beside your tender uterus...Good luck to everyone.


Marge - September 7

Thanks Miranda....Actually i feel much better now. NO more intense pain while moving my bowel. I saw my doctor last Monday, 5 days after D&C, and she said everything was fine. The bleeding is normal although she advised me to just rest and stop moving around as this aggravates the bleeding. And I think this is true. Because I noticed that I bleed when I am stressed out both emotionally and physically. But once I am just resting, only very very very light spotting. I am ent_tled to a two month off from work with pay as a maternity benefit and this covers BO which is a miscarriage. As of now, 7 days after D&C, I am completely feeling no pain, but I have completely just rested and have not stepped out of the house since last Monday after my check-up.


Lucy - September 9

Marge, did your dr. say what caused your pain during bm. I had a dc on 8/25 and have had the same awful trouble.


jennifer - September 12

hi- i had a D&C 3 weeks ago (8/17). I recovered fine; just spotted for about a week. But now, I'm bleeding. It's not menstrual bleeding, I don't think-- my doc said it would take at least 6 weeks to get back to a normal cycle. And the colour is bright red, no clumps, as a normal period. Anyone know what this is?


Lor - September 13

I had a D & C on 2nd August following a m/c and bled for 2 weeks. I went back to Dr who said I had infection, took some anti biotics but continued to bleed for 6 weeks in total, I just had another D & C on 9th Sept as I was determined as an incomplete miscarriage. Hopefully that will be it now. Everyone is different just keep in touch with the Doc if you are worried.


mary - September 14

hi everyone. i had a d&c on sept. 9th after a 5 week m/c. i had no pain or bleeding until today (5 days later). not a lot, but pinkish. i also have a strange feeling like i'm having mild contractions. anyone else have this feeling? could this be my cervix closing since it was dilated for the d&c? i'm very nervous. thanks and good luck to all.


Beth - September 14

hello everyone. I had a d and c two weeks ago (9-1-05) and spotted a little for the first 4 or five days and then started bleeding heavier like a period. I called my md and he said it was ok and it should subside in a week or so. here we are a week later and i am still bleeding. i have an appt on fri for check up on 9-15. i found out i had miscarried on 7/28/05 and decided to wait it out..however after 5 weeks and no miscarriage i opted for the d and c for my sanity. last week when i called the md about my bleeding he started to explain that i had a partial molar pregnancy and will go into more detail at my appt. so my real question is does anyone know if the pmp is why i am still bleeding??? thanks! :) has anyone had that experience?


Jenn - September 16

I was 9 weeks pregnant when I found blood on the toilet paper after wiping after a pee. I went immediately to the ER and they found that I had a 6 week fetus with no heartbeat. After repeating my HCG levels in 48 hours (and discovering they were dropping instead of doubling like they should every 48 hrs) I opted for a D&C because I wanted to just be DONE with this whole nightmare and get my life back to normal and look ahead to trying again. I had the D&C on a Monday....and only spotted fresh red blood for two days, but I DID have awful cramps at night (they would wake me from my sleep). Then on Thursday morning (4 days post D&C), I had THE WORST cramps and heaviest bleeding I have ever experienced in my life. Lots of bright red blood with some dark red clots I went thru about one pad every 2 to 3 hours. Today (Friday...5 days post D&C), I am pa__sing more dark clots but the cramping is less....but still there. I am taking Vicoden every 4 to 6 hours and am missing work. I feel tired, my lower back hurts, but I am not running a fever. My doc gave me antibiotics to take after the D&C but I am checking my temp anyways because that's the first sign of an infection. My doc said the bleeding is only a problem when you soak thru one pad per hour for 3 hours. I feel for all of you because I know we all want this nightmare to be over and done with so we can try again. And it's difficult because you can't exactly talk to just anybody about this....but hopefully we will all have healthy pregnancies in the near future and put this behind us as a life experience that perhaps we can use to help some other poor woman who will go thru it and turn to you for's sad but it is a fact of life that M/Cs happen way more often we think...I wish the best to all of you.


Mo - September 16

I had a d&c at twelve weeks, two days for a missed miscarriage diagnosed through routine ultrasound. The hack OB-on-call told me I had a 90% chance of hemmorhage if I waited to miscarry naturally and ruled out misoprostol because the fetus and placenta were too big at eleven weeks. I don't know if I believe him--I have been reading about women miscarrying naturally as late as sixteen weeks. Since the D&C, I have been bleeding & spotting continuoulsy for fifteen days; some of the blood has had a most foul odor, but no fever and only cramping pain. I am worried about scarring and infection, and worried that the overwhelming exhaustion I'm feeling is due to anemia. The OB won't even see me for five more days. Losing a baby is bad enough; dealing with this knife-happy, patent-care-averse doctor is worse, In my city, it''s just not possible to find another doctor who will see me sooner. Can someone tell me whether fifteen days of bleeding is normal, and what sorts of things their competent doctors have done for them to investigate lengthy bleeding, so I at least have a baseline to compare from?


Zahra - September 17

I had a D&C on Monday for a molar pregnancy and I am still bleeding today (Friday). I think it is normal to bleed but the Dr. said if I had clots or really heavy bleeding to call him immediately. So if you guys are having clots or extremely heavy bleeding I would call the Dr.


Suzy - September 17

We haven't found out the reason for our demise pregnancy, but had a d&c this past Wed, the 14th of Sept. I spotted old gunk the first two days then yesterday started bleeding lots of bright red blood. No cramping. Hope you're all stopping that bleeding soon.


M - September 17

So nobody here has bled for sixteen days following a d&C?


Suzy - September 18

M, I've read so many posts lately that people bleed from 3 days to 6 weeks! So 16 days doesn't seem unreasonable, but if you're in pain or have a fever, call your doc...that's what people tell me anyway. Good Luck.


Jen - September 18

I had a d&c on Sept 13th at around 10 weeks (found out embryo died at 6 weeks). I had cramping the entire day after the procedure, taking 800mg ibuprofen to relieve the pain, and some bleeding, mostly brown blood. Had very little cramps or bleeding for the following 3 days...then on the 4th day, started bleeding moderately with both dark and bright red blood. And the cramps have come back, mostly on the right side. I also have pretty bad gas pain, feeling bloated probably because of the side effects of the antibiotics I took for 3 days afterwards. I too have pain when going to the bathroom especially durinig BM. I feel better though after reading all of these posts and seeing that alot of you have similar symptoms as I've had. I hope that we all get through this okay and continue to have healthy pregnancies in the future.


Suzy - September 18

Jen, Did they tell you what happened to your little one? Blighted ovum, molar pregnancy, etc? Sorry to hear about your m/c. I hope we all get through these difficult times, too...and definitely have successful pregnancies in our future. Best wishes.


Beth - September 19

Hi all. I wrote a posting on 9/14/05 about my bleeding after d&c. I went to the md on 9/16/05 and actually stopped bleeding that morning and have not bled since. Things always seem to work that way when you are going to see the doctor. Its typical. So I bled for exactly 14 days after my d&c and i am hoping its over. As for my partial molar pregnancy, the doctor took some more hormone levels and said i will have to come back in 4 weeks to have another set. He said i do not have to wait to ttc if I didn't want to. I think we are going to though because i just want to let my body get back to normal. I don't think I will ever be so happy to see my period. Good luck everyone and if you ever have any questions call your doctor..thats what they are there for.



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