Bleeding After D Amp C How Long

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Beth - September 19

Hi all. I wrote a posting on 9/14/05 about my bleeding after d&c. I went to the md on 9/16/05 and actually stopped bleeding that morning and have not bled since. Things always seem to work that way when you are going to see the doctor. Its typical. So I bled for exactly 14 days after my d&c and i am hoping its over. As for my partial molar pregnancy, the doctor took some more hormone levels and said i will have to come back in 4 weeks to have another set. He said i do not have to wait to ttc if I didn't want to. I think we are going to though because i just want to let my body get back to normal. I don't think I will ever be so happy to see my period. Good luck everyone and if you ever have any questions call your doctor..thats what they are there for.


Tania - September 25

I had a D&C 10 days ago. I am still spotting but have not had a lot of bleeding. I was using a panty shield at first but am using nothing now. My back hurts a lot and my legs. I was told by my dr. to not exercise for two more weeks. I slipped and fell outside today and went to the bathroom tonight and there was blood when I wiped. It's not bright but it's a slimmy looking type of blood. I had my check-up after surgery and she told me that all was clean, so I'm wondering what this slimmy stuff is. I've had no blood clots since the D&C. I have been really tired as well and I feel emotionally drained all the time. I'm 39 and this was my first pregnancy. Losing a baby is much harder than I would have ever expected and I wish all of you luck in getting pregnant in the future. I live in Bahrain and sometimes it's scary having this here, but the doctors are pretty good at the American Hospital. Take care everyone!


Suzy - September 26

Tania, I had my d&c on 9/14...stopped bleeding after 5 days and then it started again. I, too, had a fall...but it was down 9 stairs. It's not blood, it's gunky brownish.tmi. I don't even have a follow up dr appt. Hmm, should i? This was my first pregnancy too, I'm 37. I'm also more emotional than usual and definitely more tired. So glad to hear other people's stories...not that I would wish this on anyone...truly! Best wishes to all...and I hope your doc's okay in Bahrain.


Hope i can help Someone - September 26

Hi, I have an aswer for everyone in my story and i hope i can help as many people as i can by telling about my situation .. Firstly bleeding varies amoungst all of us it depends on the person. my best advice is for you to mot_tor your bleeding and trust your intuition meaning that if something dosent feel right go with your feeling... Secondly stay in constant contact with your doctor to the point where he knows your voice... i am serious.. I recently came down to the carribean at the end of july to visit my family.. around the second week of august i became very ill during my pregancy.. i was 23 weeks pregnant just before my 6th month.. anyway the doctor here determined that i had to have a second trimester termination where the doctor induces labor and i would have to have a normal delivery but just at 23 weeks... i had 12hrs and 5mins of dry labor in which i had no pain killers because in third world countries medicine is not as advanced. anyway i went home at 8:05 that night and when i got in the shower i lost about 2 liters of blood it all fell out at once it looked like actual tissue coming out of my body. well the bleeding continued from that date august 17th and slowed down over a 2 week time period. in the third week my body started to form blood clots and everyday that pa__sed they got bigger and bigger some being the size of large grapefruit which felt like i was pa__sing a baby all over again.. i contacted the doctor because i was very weak and he told me that it was normal and to come in to his office if it continues for more that 7 days.. i went 6 days with the bleeding and on that night i went to use the bathroom because i felt as though i wanted to pa__s a clot.. when got up blood was running down my leg and i reached the toilet and the clot came out but after this the blood flow would not stop it was very runny like water and would come out as if i was urinanting constantly.. my sister helped me out of the bathroom and when i reached the bed i fainted. luckily her fiance's friend was here and he is a med student.. he took my pressure and it was 40/26 and my heart rate was 140. i kept on pa__sing in and out and at certain times could feel as if i was leaving my body. they rushed me to the hospital where i was treated for dehydration due to the blood loss they also gave me injections to stop the bleeding.. after 4 days in the hospital my bleeding diminished and i was sent home. i was still feeling a little weak but obviously not like i was before. anyway after a few days of being out the hospital my bleeding started back but not as heavy so i would just take my vitamins and medicine that was perscribed and stay in bed. after 2 weeks i started to pa__s blood clots again but not as big but i started to become very weak again.. i saw the doctor who first did the procedure on friday september 16th and he perscribed prolut to stop the bleeding. the bleeding did slow down once again but it did not stop. last week wednesday the 21st i used the bathroom again and past many small clots along with alot of constant blood flow. This time i was home alone so i grabbed a towel and pulled up my underware and rushed to the bed (remember to do this if u ever have comstant blood flow) i wrapped the towel between my legs like a diaper tightly and lay flat on my back with my legs crossed and elevated my feet with a few pillows) the bleeding started at 12pm and it flowed constantly untill my brother in law and mother came home at 3:50pm. the phone lines were not working that day and there are no neighbors close by, my sister owns about 3 acres of property so i had no means of contact with anyone in a close distance. all i could do is stay calm in the bed and wait. anyway when they got home i used my brother in law's cell phone and called the doctor who performed the procedure to tell him what was happening.. he told me to come in immidiately because i was hemoraging again and there could be a possiblity that small membranes could have been left inside of my uterus.. the reason a d&c wasnt performed before is because the ultrasound did not show anything and i did not have an infection.. so our only guess if the medicine wasnt working and i had no infection was that there was only a very small amount of membrane left behind that causes severe bleeding.. well my mother and brother-in-law rushed me to the doctors OFFICE not hospital where i was still bleeding now for 4 hours straight and i bled all over the street and his office floors because nothing could stop it. when i got there, he took me in the same room where he dilated me for the abortion (sad memory) and he put me on the table and placed my legs in the styrups and performed a d&c with no anesthesia. It was the worst pain i ever experienced in my life.. Labor is long and uncomfortable but this is direct pain in the uterus. which is why most doctors give anesthesia to their paitents. but you have to remember i am in a 3rd world country and it was an emergency. anyway after 5 minutes of screaming and crying the d&c was finished. there was slight pain for about 2 hours after then discomfort for the day.. my bleeding definately slowed down. it was no heavier than a regular period. I am still bleeding up to today (monday the 26th) but it is now a brownish color and it has been so for 3 days... so ladies please be aware of everything even the color change.. the cycle is to go from dark red - red - bright red - pinkish - brown then it should end it should never go in reverse... I told my story in hope that it will help someone. As you can see my vaccation has not been a vaccation. luckily i have another month left but i dont know what the days ahead will bring. Please Please contact your doctor for any and everything even if it seems minor. because as you can see in my case some minor bleeding turned in to a major case where i almost lost my life. and lastly please trust your own intuiton. God blessed us women with the ability to ''just know'' when something isnt right. thats our intuition. if a doctor or anyone tells you something is normal and you dont feel it is.. please get a 2nd a 3rd and a 4th opinion.. You are worth it..


shysta - May 16

I was 10 weeks pregnant when the doc told us that I had a missed miscarriage. He offered two options, d&c procedure or to 'wait & see', my body will naturally expel the sac and tissue. The latter, he warned, is usually traumatic, especially for first timers. Still reeling in from the shock of our loss, I wasn't mentally prepared for a d&c. However, 4 days later, I started experiencing cramps and bleeding and quickly decided to go ahead with the d&c procedure. I was to get it done the following Monday (3 days later). But on Sunday night, I started to experience excrutiating cramps and there was alot of blood. We realise that my body was starting to reject the tissues and sac. I went in for an emergency d&c that sunday night. On my way to the hospital, I had the worst pain ever and felt the sac slide out of me. I still had to go thru d&c after that, to remove the remaining tissue. Now i'm still bleeding from the procedure, and the cramps are still around. But the cramps i'm experiencing now are nothing compared to the ones i experienced that sunday night. So for those of you out there who have miscarried, it is best that you get the d&c done as soon as possible. If your doc offers either to wait it out or d&c. Go for D&C!!!


BeeBeeMama - January 22

I had a D&C 5 days ago. Still bleeding. I had a C Section on Dec 28 07 , it's now Jan 22/08. I hemorrhaged on Jan 6. Also had infection from C section in the lining of my uterus and was given oral antibiotics on Jan 6.. Still not feeling well. I really think my Doc should have prescribed more antibiotics for after the D&C. Hope no more complications. I just want to enjoy my baby and be well enough to take care of her without help.


Dana Meurlot - March 7

Hi! I also had a d&c feb, 23rd. For me too it seams to be getting worse than better. I am still bleeding but it is very light. In fact, I never really bleed a lot. I am having cramps...but not normal cramps you get when you menstrate. This is just one long cramp that never ends. I am also having severe headaches, body aches, chills and i am very weak. Not really tired but my body has no energy for anything. I also have that weird pain in my pubic bone and also some burning. it is really annoying! My body does not feel like this is normal at all. Dana Meurlot


beebeemama - March 7

Hi Dana, You definetley need to get checked out asap. I had a second D&C since then. Turns out the Doc did damage with the first one. For the second one he did a hysterosopy (light and camera) with D&C so he could see what was happenning. You definetly need antibiotics as I did. You have all the symptoms of infection. take it from me and don't wait go ASAP. It will not get better on its own. Most likely they will do an ultrasound which will show damage or leftover product. If not then they will at least give you much needed antibiotics. I wish Docs would just use the light as a rule the first time to avoid these problems. I'll never forget the way I felt while my body was trying to heal tthe damage he had caused and fight infection at the same time.Let me know what happens but please don't wait . Also a blood test will show signs of infection and internal bleeding :)


Dana Meurlot - March 8

oh wow! I am so glad you said this! I really was just going to wait another week to see if this would pa__s since I thought it might be normal. Thank you so very much!


docswife1 - October 10

I had a D&C 2 days ago and woke up this morning soaked in blood. My pad was soaked, as were my clothes. I will be calling the doctor if it does not slow down later today. Yesterday I felt pretty good and I think I did too much. The cramps are really bad too, going from my ovaries to my back and down my legs. I'm so thankful to have found this website!


Bailey517 - October 20

I had a D&C 10/17 and had some bleeding immediately after. Only light spotting on 10/18 and 10/19. Today when I woke up I had moderate bleeding. I have an appointment tomorrow and hope the bleeding goes away soon.


wen61 - October 25

I had a D&C on 10/23. After the procedure on the 24th my bleeding was minimal but then the night of the 24th it got really heavy and bright red. Its continued on through the night where I was soaking a pad every 2 hrs. Has anyone experienced this where the bleeding was light and then really heavy? I had a D&C due to a piece of placenta was left in my uterus after giving birth. I have been bleeding ever since I gave birth which was 11 weeks ago. I wanted to know if anyone has experienced this type of bleeding from a D&C. I'm not sure if I did too much or if this is the normal pattern.


Kristin72 - October 26

Yes, I have had 3 D&C's and this happened to me as well. But I can tell you if the bleeding persist past 10 days or if you start pa__sing large clots or hemorraging then go to the emerg. I had bled for 21 days after a loss and I had retained poc's. After the birth of my lo I had a 6cm piece of placenta left inside me. Just uner 3 weeks ago I had a D&C after a missed miscarriage at 8w5d. I was given misprostol initially and bled for 22 days. I had to go to emergency after I hemorraged after the 22 days and it was determined I had retained POC's again. Anyway, if you think the bleeding is too much have another ultrasound. BTW I bled for 10 days after this recent D&C I wish you all the best.


wen61 - October 26

Thanks Kristin! So sorry to hear about your loss. I called the doctor on call last night and they told me to take 2 of my birth control pills last night, today and also monday to help control the bleeding. My question is what is too much bleeding? Is hemmoraging when blood keeps dripping and dripping? They put me on adjestin to help stop the bleeding before (but since it wasn't due to hormones it wouldn't have worked anyway) and I really don't them to put me on it again because I hear as soon as you come off it you start to bleed again...well i'm off of it and bleeding of course!! I know you said that you bled for 10 days after your last D&C but was the bleeding heavy? Sorry if this is too much information but doctors are so quick with you its hard to get a word in! Thanks!


Kristin72 - October 27

wen, I had some bleeding like a period after the most recent D&C. I thought oh great here I go again..but it eventually weined off. The rule is if you are saturating more than one pad an hour than you should go to emerg. Hemorraging for me was like water coming out. (quite a bit).I also pa__sed 2 large clots the size of hockey pucks (tmi). I saturated almost 3-4 pads in one hour. I knew I'd better get to the hosptial pretty quick. I had an emergency D&C that evening. FRom the sounds of it (and I am no doctor) your concern for too mich bleeding suggests to me there could possbily be too much. I think you need an ultrasound right away. Having additional retained products can lead to infection and also anemia from too much blood loss. An ultrasound will rule this out. Let me know how you make out.


miracle37 - March 11

Hi Everyone, I had a D&E on March 4th, i started to spot alittle. On the 9th i had really bad pains and then i started bleeding like i had just killed something and it has been that way since. Is this normal and when will it stop. I dont have a doctor appt untill the 27th. Any info would help.



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