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Latosha - February 25

I'm a teenage girl 4 months pregnant. After hearing that s_x was okay during pregnancy I gave it a try. During the s_x I guess I started bleeding because it was all over my partner. I have not really bled but when I use the bathroom and wipe theres a light amount of blood on the tissue. What could this be?


To Latosha - February 25

What color is the blood


mulgajill - February 25

Could be bleeding from the cervix from the s_x... perhaps need to use a position where there is not so much penetration... maybe side by side with him behind... if the blood is bright it is fresh and if it changes to brownish it is old... check with your doctor and no more s_x until there is no sign of any bleeding...


Worried - June 13

I just had s_x with my bf on Sunday and afterwards I noticed some blood on my underwear. It's been about 2 days and there is still bleeding. I am kind of scared, I was thinking that the condom might have abrased my skin, but it doesn't even hurt when I urinate or anything. It was a little bit of blood before, but now there is a little more than before. Does anyone know what this can be?


louise - July 5

i had bleeding afer s_x with both my children during first 12 weeks and they were fine


jodi - July 5

not to scare you or anything, but me and my fiance had s_x when I was about 9 weeks along. I noticed bleeding the next day.on the following day I was still bleeding and then on the third day the bleeding was pretty heavy. I would suggest getting to the doctor. That is how I found out I was having a miscarriage. Actually, what I think happened was, it helped out in the course of the miscarrige, b/c the baby(later found out) was only 7 weeks and my uterus was 9 weeks. I hope everything is okay for you. You are a lot futher along than I was too. I could just be that when you are pregnant the cervix gets engorged and is a lot more tender than usual. You have some many blood vessels running down it that area b/c of the growing baby.



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