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amy amanda - May 23

I started spotting on April 3/06, I went to my doctor 2 days later. She sent me for an ultra sound. The ultrasound did not show a heartbeat. I was at 10 wks. My doctor told me I could have the miscarriage naturally or have a D&C. Since this was my first pregnancy I wanted to do it on my own. I thought I was miscarrying over the next week, because of the bleeding. But 7 days later I woke up in the middle of the night in extreme pain. I have never seen so much blood. Over the next 5 hours I was in "labour". Over the next 2 weeks I bled. During that 2 weeks I was sent to a specialist who after examination seemed to think all was progressing well. The bleeding then stopped for 5 days. It started again for another 5 days although it was not as heavyas before or during a normal period. It stopped for another 5 days and started again lightly for 2 days and now today is heavier. Is this h__l ever going to end? I just want things back to normal. I never thought I would wish for a normal period. Should I go back to my doctor?


Shannone - May 24

HI Amy, I dont know how much help I could be but I m/c a few weeks ago. I think I was about 6-8 weeks. I bleed for only 3 days and it was very heavey with very large clots. The weird thing was is I had no cramping at all so I wasnt even sure at that point that I had m/c. Then a few days after that I pa__sed alittle gray tissue and then nothing. I started my period today and it is right around the time when I should have so I dont know if this period will be heavey or not. Again I have no cramps. One of the first clues I had that I did m/c is that i had no more morning sickness and other signs, they just went away. I am very sorry for your lose and hope that the cards are in your future. I wasnt even trying. I have a 3yr & 2yr. Let me know how things work out for you.


Eva29 - May 24

Hi Amy My case was different as I had a D&C but I also had a start and stop pattern. I took a pg test and they were still coming out positive indicating that my HcG level was still high. I ended up going in for an u/s and blood tests and they found that there was risidual tissue and I required additional procedures. I was a rare case but I still think you should check it out. One easy way is to do a pg test to make sure it comes out negative. If it comes out + then I would call the doc again. Good Luck



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