Bleeding After Miscarriage

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Beth - March 5

I had a very difficult miscarriage at home on Thursday morning. The sonogram yesterday showed my uterus is empty, but I still have heavy bleeding and some cramps. Anyone else have this experience? How long did it last?


Lenore - March 8

I am so sorry for your loss. I also had a complete miscarriage last week, and the bleeding lasted for 9 days.


Cyn - March 8

I had one week of heavy bleeding after the sac was discharged, but it got lighter as the days go by.


Amy - March 9

I am so glad to see that my bleeding for so ling is normal. My doctor told me it would last about as long as my normal periods lasted. Well, it lasted a week longer. I had a D&E Feb. 25th and really am not sure when I will ovulate again. I never had regular periods to begin with and am so disappointed that this pregnancy (my second) did not last. I do have a healthy 5 year old which keeps me positive knowing I can carry a baby. Good luck to everyone who had to experience this. Rememeber that God has his plan and that he has his reasons even though we may never fully understand. God Bless!


mulgajill - March 9

my bleeding lasted 7 days, not including the couple of days spotting before it started, and a couple days of spotting after.


Dena - March 15

I had a miscarriage four weeks ago and have had heavy bleeding ever since. My doctor told me that you could bleed up to six weeks. Has anyone experienced bleeding this long?


Kacey - March 19

Dena, I had a miscarriage Jan 23. My bleeding lasted a few days after and stopped, then started again and I have been going for about 4 weeks. I'm getting a little impatient. The last time it went on this long was after my son was born 12 years ago.


Beth - March 20

I think if you are still belleding heavily 4 weeks after you m/c you may want to check with you doctor. You don't want to risk an infection.


aa - March 22

Hi Beth - sorry for your loss...I had a miscarriage and I've been bleeding straight for over 6 week straight....but the doctor said that last week she believes I had my periods usually lasted b/w 5-7 days and it's been over 12 days since I was told it was my anyone else in the same boat or am I sailing alone?


alli - March 23

i bled for a week and then 9 days later started bleeding, turns out i had infection. but i'm still waiting for AF. it's been 6 weeks today since m/c


tabbie - March 28

i had a miscarriage on 2/18/05 and i'm still having heavy to light bleeding and even a dark brown discharge ps please help me with amswers


aa - March 29

Hi tabbie...If you are bleeding straight - it might just be that you also had your period. For me I had miscarried at home (using medicine) went back for a checkup, the ultrasound revealed I still had material - my doctor manually cleaned it out (at this point my bleeding had just about stopped...the Dr also noted that I was ovulating) after the cleaning I was bleeding heavily - and then it tappered off but not completely, then I started bleeding heavily (Dr said period began) lasted for ~ 12 days and now I've stopped it can be that you may have had your period ?


Sandra - March 31

I had a terrible miscarriage at work. I didn't even know I was 8 weeks pregnant. There was heavy bleeding for a few days after the miscarriage, but I continued to bleed until I had a cycle (about a month later). My cycle was much heavier than normal and this frightened me. Has anyone experienced a heavy cycle? If so, did your cycles return to the normal flow soon?


julie mc - April 3

i had d & c 3 weeks ago after 2 weeks i was having brown discharge and now its been over 3 weeks im goin to see my doctor tomorrow i hope everythings ok its just so scary i just want it to stop


nemma - April 6

yep im experiencing the same problem. Wellnot exactly the same. I had my miscarriage 2 months ago and im still experiencing heavy bleeding. doctors say it will tart decreasing but cant see any signs of it.


nemma - April 6

look im just writing again to ask some advice. i'm trying to stay optimistic with this bleeding that it'll go away but i see no signs of it. Is 2 months a long time to keep on bleeding after a miscarriage.. What i also wanted to ask is that, i had a tablet process to discharge the tissue and fetus in my body. The table was inserted into my vagine. Was that a good way of getting rid of my miscarriage or should i have had it surgically removed? Please reply asap. Need help.


ashley - April 10

if i hade my period for 2weeks now and its heavy what can it be from



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