Bleeding During Chemical Pregnancy

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Gia - November 11

Hi everyone, i'm wondering if anyone can help me. When you have a chemical pregnancy, will you bleed heavily for several days and will you possibly pass clots and have cramping or can you bleed light-normal for 2 days and have no pain? Thanks any info would be greatly appreciated. Gia


ann - November 13

Well I was 5 weeks preg. I guess you could say a chemical pregnancy. I m/c at 5 weeks and bleeding only lasted the day I past tissue and a little the day after. I only had mild pain. Was not anything to speak about. Just like an overstated period. I am 1 week post mc and havent bled since. Trust me if you see what I saw when I m/c you will know that the pg is over. It cant be mistaken...


Jen - November 14

I had a chemical preg. in August and I bled for 7 days, the first 2 -3days were like a really heavy period with a lot of clotting, then as the days progressed it lightened up. I also had really bad cramps the first 2-3 days as well. I hope this helps.


Gia - November 15

Thanks ladies, im so confused how this could have been a chem preg, i had a m/c at 5 weeks in aug 2000 and i know what happened, i pa__sed everything. I got several positives in july, my period was 10 days late and when i got it it was only 2 days, light and no pain at all. I never pa__sed any tissue, i knew what to look for. My dr told me the tests were just wrong. Thanks ladies, i'm sorry for your losses. Gia


ann - November 15

My question is - did either of you have cramps 9 days later just start out of the blue? Also I have b___st tenderness. My HCG was at 67 5 days past the m/c. Heavy cramping.. Whats up with that?


Jen - November 15

Your welcome Gia, I can understand how that would be confusing .. I just remember my exp. was a really heavy, heavy period and tons of clotting.. and really bad cramps. I went to the dr to have blood work and an ultrasound as well just to make sure everything was expelled. Have you had any blood work done? Ann, I didn't have any cramps that I can remember that soon after and my b___st tenderness went away a day before I started bleeding..


gia - November 15

With this situation, i had bloodwork done the day she got my positives but she said my numbers were very low so she just said it was neg. With my m/c in usg 2000, i had severe cramping that lasted for 8 weeks as well as the heavy bleeding, i remember thinking this is never gonna stop. I dont remember any b___st tenderness, not till i got p/g with my daughter. Thanks ladies


ann - November 17

So what about b___st tenderness when you ovulate. It is a possible ovulation so soon after mc? I am 2 weeks post mc and bbs sore. We did BD day of mc and every other since.



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