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Gail - December 5

I took a positive pregnancy test on nov. 12 and i started bleeding 6 days ago-heavily. The bleeding stopped after three and a half days. I called my OB and she couldn't see nayhting on the ultrasound, but she ttok a blood test and it came back positive with relatively high HCG levels. Why couldn't she see anyhting? Am I miscarrying? Was it too early to see anything? If I take the blood test again will the numbers go down? What did the bleeding mean?


kellie - December 5

My cousin bleed heavely for her first three months of pregnancy like a normal period if you hcg levels stay high than that is a good sign now its just the waiting game ----my prayers are with you i have been there before as hard as it is try not to stress it is the worst thing for you and the baby


gail - December 6

but what if my OB couldnt see anything on the ultrasound why? also i took another ept this morn (a week later) and i still got a posoitive. Whats going on?


r - December 7

Hi, You can have a normal period up to 4 months of pregnancy. But as long as the hcg levels stay up and not go down you will be okay and you should not worry about anything. The ultrasound didn't show anything becuase it's too early. Was it an external or internal ultrasound?


Missy - December 23

I bled for a week in the begining of my pregnancy and ended up having a miscarriage Good Luck


T - December 23

Gail - No viable pregnancy will show on a ultrasound if the pregnancy is 6weeks along and under. Its possible you aren't as far along as you believe. During early pregnancy HCG levels increase dramatically every few days which would be why your HCG levels are high. As long as your HCG levels are high then everything is okay. But try not to do anything strenous, dont lift anything and have plenty of rest when you're tired. If you do begin bleeding again, go straight to your OB or hospital for another ultrasound. Good Luck!! :o)


carol - December 25

i had a friend that was up into her pregnancy and had a gush of bleeding and worried her tremendously but the only thing they could come up with was that she must have been carrying twins and didn't know it and she lost one. she still had a very healthy baby boy.


carol - December 25

this is my 3rd pregnancy and i'm very nervous.i heard the heartbeat on the doppler at the last doc visit when i was about 3mos. i still can't hear the heartbeat on my "BEBE heart monitor" at home,shoud i be worried?i was 18.5 wks when i lost my 1st so i'm not quiet sure if i know what a kick actually feels like.everyone says .like a flutter but now sure for myself.



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