Bleeding Sex Question

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Whisper - February 17

I started bleeding on Sat Feb 10, and had my miscarriage the evening of Sun Feb 11. On Mon Feb 12 I went to the doctor, and they said it was a complete miscarriage. Over this week past the bleeding had tapered off, and then Thur Feb 15 there was just some light light brown spotting, and then Fri Feb 16 I didn't bleed at all. So since everything I've read has said that you can have s_x when the bleeding stops, my hubby and I indulged in each other last night. I didn't have any pain or anything like that, but then when I got up this morning (sat 17) I saw that I was bleeding red again, albeit a bit light, but still bleeding. Should I be concerned, or is this normal after resuming s_xual activities? Should I wait longer for the next tango, or is it safe to get back to my usual s_x life? I have another appointment Mon 19 to check my hormone levels, and I will double check then with my doctor, but I'm kind of worried now lol. Any advice? Sorry if any TMI stuff! Thanks!


Whisper - February 17

Oh, and my pregnancy was dated 4-5 weeks (should of been 7), miscarried naturally, and my hormone level was only 1100 on Sat 10th. Not sure if any of that helps but just in case. Thanks again!


sososleepy - February 17

Hi Whisper, I'm not a doc. That said, as long as it's light bleeding I think you're ok. If it's really really heavy, you know to call your doc. If it's really light, it sounds like the bd caused it and as long as you're not hurting I wouldn't worry about it. Sometimes I think my period is over and then poof, there is a little bit more... same kind of thing,....? If the bleeding gets worse I'd take a day off, if it gets better I'd ttc when I had the urge (I, not he), but that's me. On the posts I've read a lot of ppl who mc naturally ( I started to, but had D&C the next day) bleed for quite a while, sometimes on and off... I hope that helps some.... Hugs.


Anniethemoviegirl - February 17

The bleeding is probably just from your cervix still having more blood in it then when you weren't pregnant. I read it takes a little bit for your body to go completely back to normal.



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