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Sad, but hopeful - October 6

I was just diagnosed today with a blighted ovum or empty sac. I am hopeful for future pregnancies and maybe I can offer others of the same news hope through this. This came about because of some very light pink bleeding and cramping with lower back ache and was told to come into my o/b for an ultrasound. There sometimes is a small chance that the pregnancy occured later than thought and not yet detectable by the ultra sound. So if you were told you have an empty sac, I wouldn't opt for the pills or D&C to aid a spontaneous abortion. Give your body a chance to take care of it self if need be. You may be one of the lucky ones and actually still have a little one growing that was just not detected yet. Unfortuneately, I don't think that's my case. My bleeding has gotten darker and I am currently waiting to pass the empty sac and tissue through natural miscarriage which can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks to happen from what I understand. I am about 9 weeks into my third pregnancy (first two were healthy) and I am 38 years old. With a blighted ovum or anembryonic pregnancy, everything proceeds as normal as if you were pregnant. Missed periods, morning sickness, tiredness, tender br___ts etc.. This is all due to rising hormone levels that are actually produced by the sac and not the baby. At some point, usually very early, there was a fertilized egg, but usually, because of a lack of proper chromosomes by the egg or sperm, an actual embryo likely began to form and stopped. My mind understands that it is nothing I or my husband did wrong, that it is fairly common at any age, and that there should be no reason why we can't conceive another healthy pregnancy. My heart is just saddened because we were very excited at the thought of having a girl (we have two boys) and I thought I had been nurturing a baby for the past two months. I had never heard of a blighted ovum. I am very sad, but am comforted that I will not be passing an embryo that had a heartbeat and stopped. It is just the sac and tissue to pass. My heartfelt sympathies go out to all who have lost a viable fetus at any stage. Although tearful for the pregnancy loss, I am thankful that mother nature takes care of its self when all is NOT right and I am not miscarrying an actual embryo or fetus. My hope is that there will be a next one, and all will be well....for me and for all who have gone through this. May God's blessings be on all who nuture and care for their unborn children. May he keep you both healthy!


elyse - October 8

Hi, i had a blighted ovum in march, i didn't know it was until a scan showed no baby but sack i should have been around 10 wk mark showing around 5 wk they said may be dates wrong and come again in two weeks but i knew i had lost preg symptoms and generally felt under the weather quite ill but not pregnancy ill if you can understand that i was loosing dark coloured blood one day and light the next i was so confused about it. but finally m/c about a week later not a very nice experience i was not expecting to see what i did.I had/ had to prevous pregs no problems two boys although there was a ten yr gap. I found i had had a blighted ovum via the internet searching for reasons for m/c as the symptoms fitted me perfectly as the dr's at hospital never said and it helped me understand a lot and how lucky i was to have my two sons and you are right there was a baby at one point until around 5 wks and the body absorbes it back knowing that the little one will never make it.And it is the most commonist cause of m./c. I found how long your body takes to expell the pregnancey the hardest to deal with i had gone 7 wks since it pa__sed away with not knowing. I also found my self thinking it was my little girl as the boys were fine i suppose we will never know, so i named my little girl grace, and my little boy samuel, in my mind to lay them to rest as i didn't know either way what s_x they were but i did love them with all my heart what ever they were. Take care all.


Jen - October 8

I am so sorry for your loss! Thanks for your words of encouragement. I just went in for my first OB checkup on Wednesday and the Midwife couldn't find the heartbeat so she did an ultrasound and there was nothing, just empty space! My husband and I were so shocked. I was a little over 11 weeks. The size of the sac was 8 weeks! I decided to have a D&C because I didn't want to worry every day for weeks if It would be the day I started to bleed. I also have 6 healthy children and did not want them to watch me miscarry. I had the D&C early Thurday morning and everything went OK but now I feel so empty and sad. What can I do to feel better? Blessings to you and your family.


sad, but hopeful - October 8

Each person needs to find out how to personally deal with a loss like this because we all handle and view things differently. I would keep yourself busy until this can pa__s and take comfort that you will another chance. Although I want my "miscarriage" of the sac to be over with (naturally if at all possible) so I can have closure and start over, I am thankful that I won't be looking at a fetus that didn't make it when it's all said and done. If you have other children, look at their precious faces and let their giggles and laughter cheer your heart. You already have special gifts. Have hope for the future that this gift wasn't quite right and that's ok, but you can be given another chance that will bring you joy and allow you to put this behind. Pray always for the women who love their pregnancies and want them and have pity on those who don't. For those who choose pills or D&C, just be sure it is an empty sac before you terminate anything. Get a second ultrasound. Best wishes to you all and thanks for your support.


shelly - October 13

i was told i was told i was having twins which was extreamly exciting for my husband and i because we always wanted 3 children but with my history in pregnancy we know or ob will not let me carry 2 more times to term. our hearts were crush when we lost our twins at 8 weeks thankfully we had a 5 scan our only picture of our twins. to my horror you could see the bleed i had only the week earlier and the scar tissue from it covered a large area where they were sitting. at my next scarn - 8 weeks my ob informed my that the bleed had effected their development and they were now blighted ovum. i had a d&c because he wanted to test them to hopefully find answers to why i continually have bleeds in pregnancy which has ended 3 out of 4 pregnancies. my husband made a garden for my to hold our missing children something for my to remember them by and a quiet place for me to sit when i am feeling sad. this place is special to us and it was a way for us to say goodbye to the dreams we had for our children. i buy little fairies and angle to put in my garden which makes me feel happier



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