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HopefullyDevoted - November 2

I had an u/s on Wed (today is Fri) because i had brown discharge (sorry to be graphic) and the yolk sac was present, but they couldn't see the fetus. Is it a good sign that i have a yolk sac and high HCG (24,000 compared to 143 two weeks earlier) and tons of pregnancy symptoms? I'm going back on Monday for another u/s. I'm being told that maybe my dating is off (see my other posts, I was travelling overseas, etc.) and while my doc thought I was over 7 weeks, I could just be 5 or 6, which would mean that the fetus is still too tiny to be seen on an u/s..... BUT I've obviously done a lot of reading so the concept of a Blighted Ovum is scaring me a bit b/c it says that you have all of the pregnancy symptoms, but just no fetus! Any info would be appreciated....


JessC531 - November 2

I had a blighted ovum about a year and a half ago. My u/s showed the same thing as yours, and I kept hoping that it was just too soon, but I didn't get that lucky. My hcg levels were VERY high (they thought it might have been a molar pregnancy because they were so high, but it wasn't), and I had all the common pregnancy symptoms as well. All I can say is that I am hoping for the best for you... If you are a little earlier than you thought, everything could be just fine! Good luck and keep us posted!


HopefullyDevoted - November 3

Have you conceived again since having the blighted ovum? If so, how long did it take? Do they know what caused it in the first place?


stefkay - November 3

Hopefully Devoted, I'm really sorry you are going through this right now...there is nothing good about it, but I guess you could say that the upside to it if you do have a BO is that it is pretty common and then you know why you miscarried for sure (it is just a chromosome abnormality which half of all miscarriages tend to be). Most everyone I've ever seen with a blighted ovum goes on to have a healthy baby. What is more frustrating is when you miscarry and have no clue why it happened, then you have to worry about it happening again, etc. I think you will be totally fine! Good luck and I hope this one still turns out to be normal which is a possibility!


JessC531 - November 3

Hi Hopefully. After my BO, I went through a bit of a depression, so we didn't try again right away. We waited about 4 months, and got pregnant the VERY FIRST time we did it. We now have a beautiful 3 month old daughter. :) So, even if that is the case for you, it doesn't mean you can't have a healthy baby very soon. Like Stefkay said, BOs are pretty common, and it is rare that you have one twice. Good luck.



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