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jbenev5338 - February 15

hi according to doctor calculations i am 8 weeks pregnant and they are only seeing a sac. They did a blood test to check my HCG's yesterday and i am having another one tomorrow. I have cried my eyes out and am very worried. I have now begun to think about things i have realized that my doctor's calculations may be off by 2 weeks because i do have a 34 day cycle and the date of my last period was 12/20/05 according to my calculations i got pregnant on january 9th which is three weeks after my last period not two like normal people. So now i;m wondering if there was an empty sac because of the difference in dates. I have all the pregnancy symptoms such as fatigue which i have had for weeks, nausea which started about two weeks ago, and indigestion which i have had for weeks too. I feel pregnant and bloated and now the doctor which i met for the first time yesterday bluntly tells me she had bad news and that the sac was empty but there could be a little hope but also mentioned a D & C. I was told to call her today to find out my HCG numbers and called at 11:00AM and it's 5:40 and haven't heard anything i'm furious and nauseous and sick to my stomach. I'm wondering if i should be worried or if i should try to relax and if i should be looking for a new doctor? PLEASE HELP. I FEEL LIKE I"M GOING INSANE.


Susan W - February 15

Hi . . . Sorry you are going through this. . . . . First, if your dates are off and that's why the sac appears empty, the HCG will tell you. If it's a healthy pregnancy, HCG rises at a good clip. If it is not rising, then it's possible you'll lose it. . .. Many doctors do a second u/s a week or so later to make sure the pregnancy is going to end. . . .. Did your doctor explain a blighted ovum? Sometimes when the sperm and egg meet, the chromosomes can't line up properly because either the sperm or egg are faulty. The embryo divides to a point, and the part that forms the placenta and all that is normal, hence the pregnancy symptoms. But the part that was supposed to be the fetus can't form properly and nature ends the pregnancy early on. If you do not have a D&C, your body will pa__s the tissue out naturally. . . . Whether or not you change doctors is up to you. . . I got to almost 12 weeks with a blighted ovum that stopped somewhere around 8-9 weeks so I know how you feel. It's terrible. I did not want a D&C, and I'm glad I didn't have one, looking back, but I had known the pregnancy was going to end, I'm not sure what I would have done . . . Hope your doctor finally called with rising HCG numbers. Hang in there!


Maggie H - February 15

SUSAN...How long was it from when your doctor told you , you were having a miscarriage until you saw symptoms..? It's been a week for me..sorry if I phrased that question in an awkward way. ..just wanting to know if this is normal...


Susan W - February 16

I had no idea there was anything wrong until I saw frank blood in my clothes one morning. I had started spotting at 10 weeks, but my midwife and I thought it was OK as I did that with my first healthy pregnancy. The spotting continued for about two weeks off and on, but I didn't think anything of it. When I found the frank blood, we went to the ER and were told then about the loss. I pa__sed the fetal tissues the next day. . . . . I am really starting to think that an early u/s does women a disservice by finding out pregnancies are going to end badly and then we have to wait it out or have a D&C. I'm glad I didn't know and had an extra month of happiness before the world came crashing in and didn't have to decide what to do. . .. . My midwife told me later that a D&C should only be done if your body doesn't pa__s all the tissues, but most doctors just do one. Whatever works for you, but you are early enough that a natural m/c might not be too bad. I will tell you mine was quite painful, but the worst only lasts a few hours. . . The hardest part of what you are experiencing now is the waiting for it to start. It can be several weeks from now. Looking back, mine totaled about three weeks from the first day I spotted until the last day I spotted. The bleeding gets old, but your body is only doing what it is designed to do. It's amazing really. . .. . Did they call with your numbers?


jbenev5338 - February 16

my numbers were 43,000 on tuesday and had another test done today, keeping my fingers crossed that they missed something. I also have another ultrasound scheduled for tuesday.


Susan W - February 17

Sounds like they are doing all they can to make sure they haven't missed something. . . There was a thread a week ago perhaps that started like yours -- told she was going to m/c and they later found the embryo on a second u/s -- if you want to look for it. So there is hope you'll be fine. . . Keep us all updated :)



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