Blighted Ovum And Discharge

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Rithie23 - April 22

Hello, i had my 12week scan last tue to find out that it was a blighted ovum. i have got an appointment this friday to make sure this is indeed the fact and then to make up my mind either to wait and misscarry or have the D&C. I am of course sick to my stomac at the fact that im not going to be having a baby. This morning i went to the toilet to find when i wiped there was brown discharge. is this my misscarage? will i now need a D&C. im scared that if i have a D&C it will leave more scaring as i had a termination 4/5 yrs ago.....could that have contributed to me having a blighted ovum? ahhhhhhh so many questions..... Thanks Ruth


tuesdaypm - April 22

Hi the way I understand it a blighted ovum is just that, there was something not right so it didnt progress, ladies if i'm wrong tell me? I wouldnt imagine for a second that a termination at any time would have a bearing on that????/ sorry this has happened to you, brown discharge could be start of mc but you will know if it happens, if were me i would opt for d/c best wishes xxxx


Rithie23 - April 22

thank you for your reply, there are so many things you mean to ask at the time but under the sirc_mstances you forget so thank you. xxx


stefkay - April 22

NO! A termination would not cause a blighted ovum or any other problem for that matter, unless you had a totally botched job that left large amounts of scar tissue (you most likely wouldn't get pregnant if that were the case). Blighted ovums are due to chromosomal "glitches" in the beginnings of the fertilization which basically stop the baby from forming. A sac develops and tends to grow right along with how far along you should be, but no baby. These are actually pretty common although it hurts just the same :( I really wish more doctors did early ultrasounds so that more women didn't have to wait until 12 weeks to find this out. I'm very sorry for your loss, but it in no way means you can't have a perfectly healthy baby! Good luck to you...


JessC531 - April 22

Nothing you have done could cause a b/o. It is a chromosomal issue, and has nothing to do with past pregnancies. I'm so sorry you're having to go through this. I had a blighted ovum 2 years ago... I wanted to wait to miscarry, but my doctor insisted I have a d&c. I ended up with a uterine infection (more painful than labor, in my opinion) caused by tissue left inside during the procedure, and I had to go on IV antibiotics in the hospital. So... if you can miscarry naturally, I would definitely do that. Your body should do it on its own by 14-15 weeks. And don't worry about future pregnancies. These are very common, and don't mean anything about your fertility. After my b/o, I got pregnant again on the first try, and I'm sure you will get pregnant again soon as well. Best of luck to you.


BeckyBunny - April 22

I have been through this as well. Must agree with previous posts, it has nothing to do with anything you've done. I did have a D&C and had no scarring from it, but since you have had a termination before...I would not risk it. The brown discharge is probably the beginning of the miscarriage. It should happen naturally for you soon. I think the blighted ovum for me was more emotionally painful than a "normal" miscarriage, but I got through it, and so will you. It takes some time and introspection...but you will heal. So sorry for your loss.


sarahdavid - April 22

I had a miscarried my first pregnancy because of a blighted ovum as well. I went in for my first scan at 8 weeks and they told me the news. I waited to miscarry on my own and I also had brownish discharge first and then I started bleeding about a week later. I'm so sorry for your loss. My miscarriage was probably the hardest thing I have ever been through.


Rithie23 - April 24

hi guys, thank you for you support and answers. I started to bleed yesterday and having what seems like a really bad time of the month pain wise. i have been told to keep an eye on my temp incase of infection and i still have an appointment tomorrow for another poor partner does not know what to do with him self. xxx



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