Blighted Ovum At 38 Try Again

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mt - April 6

I had a D&C friday evening. A week and half prior had ultrasound, found 2 sacs, both empty. But measuring 6w4d and 6w. We were so hopeful, all the symptoms of sore br___ts and tired were there, HCGs were up, not sure if doubled but were at 14000. Had U/S scheduled friday at noon, got a call at 10am HCG levels dropped to 11000, so we knew. When we went to U/S, all we saw were smaller sacs curving in on themselves. No babies, no heartbeats. We are so devasted. I was terrified of D&C, but even more terrified of miscarrying at home, opted for D&C. We got through it, I was so sick for a few days with body aches and cramps. I so want to try again, but I am 39 this month, and glucose is high, found out Gestatinal Diabetes early one. I want to try but cant risk my life, I ave a beautiful 6 yr old lil girl who needs me. I feel so lonely and lost through this. I know I am not alone, I wanted these lil babies. I never expected twins, and I think that just made it all the harder. I miss rubbing my tummy, thinking of them in there growing, I just feel so numb. When does the heartbreak end? Should we try again at 39?


Kadence_Jaycies_Momma - April 6

Hi mt! I'm 27 I know I'm a little younger than you but I went through the exact same thing.2 1/2 years ago I got pregnant. Had all the signs of pregnancy of course. But I was bleeding like crazy! Doctors kept telling me it was implantation bleeding. I knew myself it wasn't. I finally went in and made them do an ultrasound and of course blighted ovum. I had the D&C also because my sac would not move.The D&C was the best thing ever for me to do. I was so scared of it but afterwards I barely spotted and I did not have to worry about seeing stuff come out. Going to the hospital to have that done was the hardest though, cause my little brothers, girlfriends mother was there having a baby and after the D&C he wanted to go see her baby. I'm like okay I just lost one and you are having one. How selfish of me though, thinking back today. Anyways I was suppose to wait I believe 4 months. Instead we had an opps! I got pregnant 3 weeks later and I have a beautiful 2 year old girl. Not to mention I had gestational diabetes with my 5 year old and my 2 year old.Nothing made me feel better than to get pregnant again. It was so hard seeing all those pregnant ladies. It's way easier to get pregnant after a D&C cause your body is all cleaned out and like new again!I will admit I was pretty scared at the beginning of my pregnancy after having the miscarriage. This sounds bad but think of it this way. Dogs have false pregnancies and that is like what you had. That is how my doctor explained to me. You have all the symptoms but no babies. I hope I helped get ahold of me if there is anything else I can help with! I say go for it! Babydust to you!!



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