Blighted Ovum Early Pregnancy Failure

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alicef - December 20

I found out today that at 10 weeks there was no sign of a fetus during my ultrasound. Still testing positive and HCG levels are fine. Just wondering if anyone else has gone through this and what to expect. Thank you...


jstaley1228 - December 21

Hi, alicef. I had my ultrasound on Sept 20th, would have been 8 weeks preg. and I too had a blighted ovum. I had the D&C a week later on the 26th. My hcg levels were really high. I think my case might be exceptional so don't get scared. I was still testing positive a few weeks ago and that was 2 1/2 months out so my doc was thinking I might have had a molar pregnancy but she wasn't sure. I FINALLY tested negative a few weeks ago and since it was out of the ordinary they monitored me a few more weeks, and I continued to test negative so I have been given a "clean bill of health" at this point. The majority of cases seem to have a complete drop within 4-8 weeks, 8 being the extreme. Did you have a D&C or are you planning to miscarry naturally? Your levels should drop quickly after that. I'm so sorry for you loss. Was this your first baby? It would have been mine and I have found it really hard to cope. I hope you have a good support system right now and take care or yourself.


mother2Bsoon - December 21

Hi Alicef! I too had a blighted ovum in August of this year. On August 2nd I had a D&C. I only tested pos for about 2 weeks after the surgery. AF showed up on September 14th and PRAISE GOD, I am pregnant again and we are now 14 weeks. Everything is going very well. It was an emotional situation for me because I had a miscarriage (pa__sed everything naturarlly). This miscarriage happened after we saw the heartbeat, and then to get pregnant right after the miscarriage and have a blighted ovum was enough to send me over. But thankfully, I have a praying dh who saw me through and we are now expecting. So, what to expect is a lot of emotions. I pray that you have someone with you to help you through this. I am so sorry for you loss, but I hope that my story tells you that you can overcome and you will receive your baby blessing!


alicef - December 21

Well, It's incredible how quickly your life can change! Apparently I do not have a blighted ovum, but a missed miscarriage. I had an ultrasound done at the end of November and there was a fertilized egg there. It measured about 6 weeks. Then I had a follow up ultrasound yesterday and was told there was nothing there by the tech. The OB/GYN I saw today said there was something there, but it was smaller than 3 weeks ago. So, long story short...I will have a D&C in the morning. Thank you ladies for your input and concern. I do have a 3 year old and a wonderful husband who has been overly supportive! Wishing you both much luck....Thank you



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