Blood Clotting Disorder

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1mom - February 9

I'm going to be tested in a few weeks to find out why i had a m/c at 17weeks. My dr. said she wants to see if i have a blood clotting disorder. So i just want to know how they find out if you have that and what exactly does that mean?


1mom - February 9



littleangel - February 10

hi 1mom, i am sorry you loss your baby at 17 wks do you know the s_x?, i know you read my story as well, its hard at first but it will get better it takes time mentally and physically and emotionally when i lost my girl in Jan 06 and i did not get my results back for about 4 mths, we was told that my baby was perfect and nothing wrong with her, it was me and my placenta it was not producing enough oxygen that cause my placenta to die, they said i have a blood clotting disorder, i was told as soon i as i fell pregnant again they will give me meds to help me, it took me a year to fall on again and i got my BFP two days ago and i am really scared, trying not to think of it as much, i am trying not to compare but its hard but untill i go to the docs i don't know what meds i will have. untill you get your results back try and take it easy relax and let your body heal first before ttc. i am really am sorry for loss, i hope you will get the support you need and the woman on here are just brill they help me through the most toughest year i had in my life my family lost 2 baby's mine at 22wk and my brothers at 20wks to downs, i lost my ML and this year i lost my granddad. i hope you get some answers and good luck in the future, lov Jo. ((((((hugs)))))))


KitCat - February 10

Hi 1mom....I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I know just how heartbreaking it can be to lose someone so precious as your baby. I lost a baby at 14 weeks and my ob did some blood tests and found out that I have Factor V Leiden and I am heterozygous, which is the better of the two. It's an inherited disorder, and after telling my parents and them having blood tests done, we found out I got it from my mom. I take low dose aspirin daily and if I do become pg again I am to give myself heparin shots daily to thin my blood up until 8 weeks post partum. There are other clotting disorders, but this is the one I know about. The NBC newscaster David Bloom, who was filming from the tanks in Iraq and suddenly died, he also had FVL and was heterozygous like myself. He didn't know it though and they found out in his autopsy. I was told to not sit for long periods of time and to get up and stretch if I do. I also drink Welch's purple grape juice and eat alot of garlic cooked into food. They are both natural blood thinners. If you google the FVL, you will find tons of information on it and many other disorders. Good luck to you, I hope this helped some. KitCat


JuJu - February 10

Hi 1mom; I am so sorry about your loss. I had 2 first trimester miscarriages last year, and after the second my OB had me tested for several blood clotting disorders - and I did have one - I am positive to anti-cardiolipin antibodies, an autoimmune disorder which basically cause my blood to thicken slightly too quickly....causing placental blood-flow problems in pregnancy. In retrospect I am so glad that I had the testing done before waiting for 3 m/c's (which is often the norm), because when I fell pregnant again I started taking low-dose aspirin (luckily my ACA levels are low at the moment so I don't have to take stronger blood-thinners like heparin) and it has done the trick this time - I am now 33 weeks pregnant :) The tests themselves are simple - they take blood from you and the results are usually back within a short space of time - within a week or two usually. The good thing is, if you do have a clotting disorder, they are mostly very treatable and once you have been diagnosed there are some very effective treatments which will allow you to have a successful pregnancy. Hope this helps, JuJu


1mom - February 10

Thank you ladies so much for your posts. I reall y appreciate hearing other womens stories. Thanks again for the info. Lillteangel-- congrats on your BFP!! sticky baby dust to you. I didn't ask to find out what the s_x of the baby was and they didn't offer. I think it's easier for me to not know. OH ONE MORE QUESTION... I already have a 2 year old DD so could it still be possible for me to have one child healthy and have this disorder?


KitCat - February 11

Hi again 1mom....I forgot to tell you that I have the cutest 7 y/o ds and I only found out 2 years ago that I have the clotting disorder. So yes, you can have a healthy pregnancy before finding out you have it. Feel free to ask any more questions if you have some. Good luck!


JuJu - February 12

1mom; I have a 2 year old as well! I had a rouble free pregnancy with it was a real shock to have my 2 m/c's and then to find out I had somehow developed a blood-clotting disorder. Because it's such a little-known area of science (autoimmune disorders) my specailist was unable to tell me wether a) I always had the ACA's and was just lucky that they were low at the time I was pregnant with my first DD or b) it was something I developed after giving birth to my DD. He is more inclined to think that I have always have elevated ACA's, it's just that at the time I had my m/c's they were at a higher level than, say, now. lt's a bit of a mystery. So anyway, like KitCat says, it is very possible to have another child....lucky for us they are usually easily treatable. It just means that as soon as you are pregnant next time - go see your doc immediately, so they can medicate you if you require it. I started on aspirin immediately, and I was told that ideally, I should have started it as soon as I was ovulating. Is your doctor an OB? JuJu


1mom - February 12

HI JUJU thanks for your input. Yes my dr is a OB. i haven't had my testing done and she said i won't for a few more weeks to make sure my hormones were back to normal. I think that it is so weird that we were able to have healthy babies and then for some reason our bodies deciede that we can't now. Well hopefully i'll find out my problem soon. Thanks again for the responses ladies.



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