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chris - January 27

My wife is at 7.5 weeks and we just went for an u/s and they were concerned about a little blood in the uterus, near the amniotic sac. The doctors then took another ultrasound and said the sac MAY be a little small compared to 'how pregnant we are', but the fetus is normal size with strong heart rate. They've said we are now at a higher-risk of miscarriage and we don't know what to think, and can't find any information about what's going on or what to do if anything. (pray!) ? Anybody have similar story or know what to expect?


Tiffany - January 29

I dont have an anwser, I just got back from the ER with the same problem 6 weeks along but there was a blood sac by the amniotic sac. They said it was a threatened miscarriage. They said they cant give me any info, will just watch me closely. Frustrating ...


chris - January 30

tiffany, what were you doing in the ER? are you having any pain?


Yogita - February 10

I had the same problem in my 7.5 week ultrasound. They did another ultrasound at 8.5 weeks and the blood sac was gone :-) I am now 12 weeks pregnant! Don't worry and just ask your wife to take it easy for a few days (she does not need to take bed rest though).


Kelly - February 22

I too found the lack of information frustrating. I am 6.5 weeks along and was told that there was a blood sac by the amniotic sac. I had had some spotting prior to this. The radiologist told me that I should avoid heavy lifting and stress, and that they would follow up in 2 weeks. I can't locate any information on the internet aside from these posts. Can anyone direct me to some literature on this problem?


Neha - February 25

I have the same problem and I'm 7 weeks along and had my u/s yesterday. My doctor said that the blood sac by the amnion sac was called hematoma. She said that the blood would bleed out automatically. I had already had v____al bleeding in my 6th week but it stopped. The chances of a healthy pregnancy in this case is 50-50. The only danger is that when the blood sac is bleeding out, the amnion sac shouldnt bleed out along with it. I'm too nervous about this too.


Mika - March 14

I am 13 weeks and I went to the doctor and the doctor said that I am bleeding on my amniotic sac... What does that mean?? What is the name of this condition??


Heather - April 2

I'm 7wks 5 days and had my ultrasound 4 days ago due to previous high risk pregnancies. I, too, have blood under my uterus. My dr advised me not to be alarmed about this, that sometimes when the baby implants, it causes this blood to form. He didn't ask me to refrain from regular activity, and even told me it was okay to travel. With my previous pregancies, he kept me in the bed and wouldn't let me travel. He told me that I may or may not have some spotting, and if I do to give him a call. ER doctors have no clue about pregnancies...I miscarried my second child after 12 weeks, and they sent me home and told me everything was okay. The miscarriage was not related in any way to this present dilema. I truly feel like if this situation was something I needed to be concerned about, he'd let me know, so no worries for me!


joanny - April 29

Hi, I have the same problem. Although I did bleed at around fourth week. I am now 7 weeks pregnant. Yesterday I had an ultrasound and the blood is still there. But I could hear the baby's heart beat. The same they did not give me any answers or explanations. Has anyone found additional info? I am terrified.


sarah - April 29

I was spotting early in my pregnancy and the doc said it was from blood around the sack probly there from inplantation. I worried all the time too but soon the bleeding stopped.. Its comin for women to spot or have a little blood first trimester.. The 2nd trimester is a diffrent story! I lost my baby the 4th month but the bleeding in my body while I was pregnant has nothing to do with it Im sure of it My water broke! premature rupture membranes due to incompetent cervix..!! Relax! tell he just relax and like everyone else said it will dry away!! Congradulations!! With a heartbeat your 90% likely NOT to misscarry thats a fact too!! Your a real good man taking care like this!!


Emma Harvey - May 2

I'm so glad I'm not alone with this. I am terrified of loosing this baby, I have 2 toddlers at home, but I have to TAKE IT EASY now. I am 7wks and I too have blood above my amniotic sac. I too am worried about miscarriage, it's rea__suring that others have had this and carried the baby ok....


Talitha - May 9

I am 16wks and have been spotting since 10wks the baby is not afected by this at all blood stores above the uterus and has to release some how some times you will bleed for months or just a few days you should only be alarmed if it is brite red and continues for more than two hours. I have had two miscarriages and this time the doctor asures my husband and I that the baby is very healthy.


Christina - May 26

I thought I was the only one having this problem! Not much info on the net. Last Thurs. I pa__sed huge blood clots, went to the doctor and the baby was still there doing fine. That same night pa__sed about six huge clots about the size of my palm... er doc says baby is fine.... Last night again, I pa__sed several clots... Checked today- baby is moving and doing fine. I am 10 weeks today... How long do I have to deal with this?? Doc says that there seems to be more blood in the uterus- just take it easy. I have noticed every time after I have an exam (with a speculum), this seems to happen a day or so later. It tears me up after I see the baby moving to know that my pregnancy has only a 50/50 chance of making it. This will hopefully be our 1st baby. I also had a blighted ovum in Jan this year. Pray for us!


kimm - June 5

I had an ultrasound at 5 weeks and a sac of blood was seen. It was a little larger than the amniotic sac. The doctor said it was 50/50 chance of going either way. I went back at 8 weeks and the blood was gone!


rebecca - March 20

hi i have similar problems to these posts i have 2 m/c and i am now pregnant for a third time i am 8.1 weeks and have just had 2 forms of bad bleeding i went to the hospital and they give me an internal scan and to see the babys heart still beating i was relieved but too hear the doctor say i have a 50/50 chance whether i will go full term was heartbreaking there is blood above the uterus and i am praying on my next ultrasound in 7 days that everyting is ok fingers crossed.


Hope21 - April 11

chris- hey im sorry to hear about the blood in the uterus but i too had the same thing before i miscarried but i hadnt developed a fetal heartbeat at 6wks it seemed the baby stopped growing and there was blood. one night i went to the ER because of dark spotting waited 2hrs then they did blood work and ultrasound. they couldnt find the baby it wasnt until the next day after being told i was eitha an ectopic pregnancy or threatning miscarriage did my OB find the baby and ruled out ectopic pregnancy. however the blood in the uterus was said to be my reason for bleeding but i was later told that it looked more in formation but since i was so far along without a fetal heartbeat and my hcg level i took had dropped about a thousand they figured i would be able to naturally miscarry. it took like a week and i had no more bleeding or nothing so i opted to have a d&c so i could at least try to start the period of grief and healing. i pray this is not the outcome for you and i am now ttc**best wishes to you**


9umpkin - April 16

Hope21 I am so sorry that you had to go through that I hope that you have been able to move on with strife and happier outcomes in life. I hope the rest of you are doing much better and are enjoying your toddlers now (since the last post was about 2 years ago). I just had my first ultrasound and also was told that there is blood in my uterus. I have had no signs of bleeding or spotting. The part that makes it scarier for me is that according to my dates I should be about 7 weeks pregnant but the doctor says that the baby looks to be around 5 weeks instead. She explained that I could have ovulated later (mind you I am not that old, in my late 20's) and that is why the dates are off. The doctor also explained that this is a sign that I could be about to miscarry. I have a follow up next week to see if the baby grew otherwise...



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