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MaryElizabeth - April 13

Hi everyone, I am new to this board. I miscarried my first pregnancy at 5w5d in March. My dr never did any blood tests until after I miscarried just to make sure that my HCG level was going down. From reading other peoples posts it seems that HCG tests are often ordered very early in a pregnancy. Is this common practice and my dr just does not do it? Or are most of you asking for the blood work to be done on your own?


AllieP. - April 13

Hi Mary, Im so sorry for you loss. Every doctor does things differently. Some doctors wait until a woman misses two periods before they even see her. A friend of mine's doctor was like that. Other doctors have you come in when you get a positive pregnancy test to confirm it and then will do a couple more blood tests afterwards to be sure the level of hcg is rising appropriately. I think because you were so early into your pregnancy your doctor did nothing wrong. However, i would like to think your doctor would order blood tests early on for you in any future pregnancies and if he doesn't i would def request one. Since you've now miscarried once your doctor hopefully will monitor you carefully the next time around and if not then i'd find a new doctor! Good luck!!!


stefkay - April 13

Hi Mary, like Allie said most doctors I think don't usually do the beta hcg's unless you've had a prior loss. Some will do them regardless, but it just depends...


MaryElizabeth - April 13

Thank you AllieP and Stefkay:) I appreciate your answers. I will make sure my dr tests my HCG this next time. I am waiting for AF and ready to try again. It's funny...I waited 4 months to get pregnant and I thought that was the hard part. It never even crossed my mind that I could miscarry. It's a really hard pill to swallow. I'm now so scared about getting pregnant again. I feel like happiness of pregnancy was taken away from it just makes me nervous.



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