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MRS.R - October 26

Hi Cabbie how are things with you? I haven't seen any posts from you in awhile? Hope all is well.


Cabbie - October 26

Mrs. R, thanks for thinking of me. I'm still hanging in there. I go to the dr on Friday so hopefully they will do an ultrasound a see. I had some slight pink spotting on Sunday. I thought about calling the dr but then decided they would tell me to wait and see anyway. Right now I am sitting a little over six weeks. Not a whole lot of signs except sore b___sts (not painful) and fatigue. Also my appet_te is out of control. I am continuing the suppositories and baby aspirin daily. Thanks again for thinking of me. Hope all is well with you.


cabbie - October 28

Mrs. R, had my dr visit today. everything went great. saw the embryo with a perfect 6w 2d sac and 130 bpm heart. i go back in two weeks for another ultrasound to keep a check on things. they said we could not have asked for something more perfect today. they will continue me on my progesterone but are discontinuing my aspirin as my clotting test came back fine.


Tara - October 29

Cabbie, thats awesome ! Its also a really strong heartbeat. Ive been praying things would go good for you and your baby. When is your due date? Il keep praying for healthy babies for both of us and healthy future baby for Mrs. R take care ladies and sorry to budge in here, but I was wondering how you were both were doing.


Cabbie - October 29

Thanks, Tara. I have been following you on the posts as well and looks liket things are going great. They say my due date is June 18-20. I've still have a long way to go before I can feel half way safe, but this is progress.


MRS.R - October 29

Cabbie, That is great news!! Hubby and i decided to start trying this month.. Just finished my af. So wish me luck.. I am so scared. I am so happy for you. Keep me posted. Hope to have good news soon also.. Tara glad you are also doing well keep me posted also. Take care ladies..


Tara - October 30

Mrs. R, Im wishing you the best of luck ttc. Cabbie, I know how you feel about feeling safe. I thought I would after 12 weeks and I still dont. I guess my loss was such a shock I cant get past it. I still havent told many Im pregnant, I think we will announce it after my 16 week appointment on November 8. I rented a doppler and when Im having panic attacks I listen to it and the sound of its heartbeat relaxes me and gets me excited that I might get to meet this little one. I cant wait until were all holding our little babies.


Cabbie - November 11

Mrs. R and Tara, wanted to update you on my most recent appt. It went well. The baby's heartrate is up to 160. The baby is measuring at 9 wks 2 days ( I think I am more like 8 wks, 5 days), but they said that that was okay. Everything is going okay, thank goodness. Parents are really pressuring us to tell the siblings. Just trying to explain to them that the hell we have been through in the last year makes us a little gun shy. The ultrasound showed a due date of June 14. I'll let you know if things change. Any news from you guys? I am continuing my progesterone in the morning and at night through week 12.


MRS.R - November 13

Cabbie that is great news!!! I have just this month been ttc again. Af is due this week so i will let you know.. I am not getting my hopes up yet. My son was born on June 13. June is a great month for a baby:) Keep me updated!!!


Tara - November 14

Thats wonderful news Cabbie! I know how hard it is to tell people. I kust told our families last week and still havent told any of our friends. Im 17 weeks today and still paranoid. Thanks for letting us know and keep in touch. Mrs. R , Wishing you the best of luck on ttc. Maybe this month will be your lucky month. Ill be praying for you!


MRS.R - November 18

Ok guys you really must of been doing some heavy duty praying for me.. I AM PREGNANT... My first apointment is Dec.14th.. I am soooo scared that i will miscarry again. But, right now i am over the moon.. Well i tried to figure out when i will be due and it looke like july.. How ironic that is the month that i had my miscariage.. Hope everthing is going well with you guys.. I just can't belive this. We are all on our way to happiness again..Take care..


Cabbie - November 18

Mrs. R, that is wonderful! I have a good feeling for you, and your appt is not that far off! My nerves are still on edge too. I go back 11/29/05 for my third appt. Just praying all is well. Still can't look at food and throwing up what I do, and some how I have managed while doing all of this to not be able to b___ton my pants? How does that work? Had to use a hair band to band my b___ton and b___ton whole together yesterday. Refusing to wear maternity clothes in the first trimester ! Hopefully the tummy growth is a positive sign. Keep us up to date. I'm thinking of you.


MRS.R - November 18

Thanks cabbie.. I am not telling anyone this time for awhile. I can't even think straight right now. I am soo scared. I feel cramping but i think that is totally normal. I can see the next couple months are going to be Hell. Every little thing is going to make me nervous. You go girl with the little belly lol Show it off you deserve it. Take care.


Kara - November 18

Cabbie - I don't know if they have an Old Navy near you that carries maternity clothes, but if not, you could order them online. They make these great chinos that look totally normal on the outside with a regular looking waist, but on the inside they have an adjustable elastic band. You could not tell that they were maternity. I loved when I bloated so badly very early with the first pregnancy. Glad to hear you are doing well! with your pregnancy I hope to be joining you soon!


Kara - November 18

I meant I loved THEM (the pants) when I bloated early...


Cabbie - November 18

Unfortunately, Mrs. R, we have not had the luxury of not telling people. We told our parents early on since we had to have someone keep our two other kids while we went to dr appts. I also told my three best friends. Two of these women happen to be my sister in laws from my husband's side. When my mother in law found out, she hit the roof that I had left a sister in law out (we are not in any way close with this brother or sister in law). So we eventually gave in and called him/her and my siblings. Well, that brother in law immediately turned to his daughter and said, "Guess what. " And told my niece. We hadn't told our kids yet! So we had to set our kids down that night and tell them. My kindergartener went to school the next day and told EVERYONE. So here we sit, everyone wanting to scream! Oh well......i'm keeping positive (or trying). AFter three miscarriages, the odds are in my favor! Kara, thanks for the suggestion. I have admired Old Navy's maternity before when I am in a store (live about 90 miles from nearest). I may have to look on line. Talk to you all soon.


Tara - November 18

Congrats Mrs R, we are all pregnant again and that is so cool. I will keep praying for you and Cabbie and Im sure everything will be fine this time. I havent told my kids yet and Im 18 weeks on monday. I have my ultrasound on Nov 29 and waiting until after and then I have to sit the kids down and tell them. I had horrible cramps with this one and I never had cramps with baby I miscarried. Mine felt like period cramps, even worse. Well I can actually feel my little one moving . Its still only flutters and once in a while a harder kick, but I just love that feeling. I am really happy for both of you and I feel close to you ladies because we went through so much at the same time. I would love you both to keep me updated and let me know how your appointments go. I still feel nervous about the baby and the first trimester was hard, but I guess we all have to think positive and try and enjoy these pregnancies. Praying for healthy babies for all of us!!



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