Cabbie And Mrs R Bad News

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Tara S - May 27

I just started spotting tonite. I am 6 weeks 4 days today and last year May 27 was the day I started spotting at 12 weeks. I don't understand why this is always happening to me.


MRS.R - May 28

Oh No Tara.. I'm so sorry.. Have you been to the Dr.? I am crossing my fingers for you. I hope everything works out .. You are in my thought's..


Tara S - May 28

I went to see my family doctor last night he was working emergency in my home town. I could have gone to emergency where I live, but they don't do ultrasounds on the weekend. My family doctor gave me an ultrasound, but told me the fetus is so small his machine won't be able to pick up a heartbeat(his machine is just a tiny portable). The fetus is measuring correct for dates and is still in my uterus. Today i spotted in the morning pink colored mucus and I have had a lot of cramping but no discharge. Ill phone my Ob gyn tomorrow and see if they can get me in . Im taking it easy, but my mothers instict tell me its another loss. I don't understand everything was going so good. My numbers more then doubled in 48 hours. I told my husband Im getting emotionally tierd of this.


Tara S - May 29

Went in to see my obgyn. I had an ultrasound done and heartbeat was 120bpm. Doctor says its a threatend miscarriage and I have a 50% chance. Im really scared, but Ill take 50%. I had 0% chance of survival for Treya and if it would have been 1% I would have risked my life for that. I go for another ultrasound on Thursday and an appointment on June 6. Im still really scared!


HopefulK - May 29

Hi Tara, we lost our girls around the same time last year. I got pg in Feb but had a missd miss in March. So happy to hear this news. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you for a good result, but that heartbeat is good so heres hoping. xx


Tara S - May 29

Hopefulk, Thanks so much. Im so sorry to hear of your losses. this is my 3rd pregnancy in basically 1 year and Im hoping this baby hangs in there. I have had the most stressing, dramatic year and I just need things to go right for once. I had a missed miscarriage in June at 12weeks and that was devestating, then losing Treya at just under 19 weeks and now this scare. Lots of prayers for healing for you and may all our future babies be healthy.


HopefulK - May 30

I hope so Tara. I'm hoping to get pregnant again from August, so I pray it will go well. I just have little faith in this universe. What a horrible year we've had hey. I hope it goes well for you. I truely do. Good luck hunny and keep us advised how you get on. xx


MRS.R - May 30

Tara ,i am praying so hard for you.... You really need to stay positive and REST... I am hoping that everthing works out for you....Hopfulk.. I hope also that things work out in your favor.. I have had 2 losses in 6 months time.. That is how i became friends with Tara and Cabbie we went through our losses at the same time... I truly wish that i lived closer to these Great women.. But all i can do is offer my words on this screen.. But, i do care and pray for you all..Keep us updated Tara.. Take care..


Morrison1 - May 30

Hi Tara - I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I have had two m/c since Feb and am getting ready to ttc a third time in a few weeks (just got my first AF since m/c #2). Were there any things you did differently before this pregnancy than you did before the other two m/c? Prog? Clomid? Baby Aspirin? Or did you just decide to try a third time? And, if you don't mind my asking, why did he say that it's a threatened m/c? That is a fairly strong hb, isn't it? Anyway, I hope you are doing well and that this works out well for you.


Tara S - May 30

Mrs R and hopefulK , Thanks for the kind words. Mrs R we have been through so much together . Cabbie has had 3 losses and then went on to having a healthy baby, she gives me hope. I stopped bleeding and hopfully don't start again. I did have awful cramps last nite that really scared me. Everytime I went to the bathroom I thought for sure I would start bleeding, but nothing. I still have discharge, but its more yellow and no pink. No nausea and my b___sts are not as sore. Sound bad but Im praying for nausea and really sore b___sts so I know things might be ok.Hoping tomorrow I get results back from Hcg test, Im a little nervous to get results though. Morrision1, I didn't do anything. I have two healthy older children and no problems with those pregnancies. I had a missed miscarriage that they thought was chromosomes, but never tested. My next pregnancy after was a missing X chromosome called Turner syndrome and is non hereditary and very rare. Im now 7 weeks and my body seems to want to miscarry this baby. Doctor doesen't feel its progesterone because I have never had problems with it before. I really don't understand whats going on. I can get pregnant first month trying everytime thats easy, but having a healthy baby lately seems almost impossible. I never thought I would ever be in this position because of my two first wonderful pregnancies. Sometimes i think I should have stopped at two, but in my heart I have room for another and it must be strong because I keep trying. take care and best wishes for all of us.


Cabbie - May 31

Tara, I am so sorry that I have not checked back on this forum in several days. I am praying for you. I also wanted to encourage you to ask your dr about the progesterone test (I don't remember seeing you post results from any). I took progesterone from early on to 14 weeks with this little guy. I also spotted at early on with this one. It is an awful feeling to be told to wait and see. Please keep us updated. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I DO hope my story helps you. Try to focus on the positives: 120 is a great heartrate for just over 6 weeks. I think I was between 120-130 at 6 weeks. My natural miscarriages were all continuous bleeds, no stopping and starting. I think that is a positive. I will check back later. Lots of prayers coming your way.


Cabbie - May 31

Did they possibly test you for a v____al bacterial infection, bladder infection, etc.? These all are common in early pregnancy and can cause the bleeding and cramps too. Just a thought. Love and prayers...


Tara S - May 31

Hi cabbie, great to hear from you. I have not had my progesterone checked doctor doesent feel Its progesterone because i havent had a problem before, but I wish he would check for me. I have stopped bleeding for 24 hours now, but still feel crampy at times. My b___sts were really sore last night, but what little nausea I had completly disappeared. I go in tomorrow afternoon for my ultrasound and praying baby is still alive. I guess all I can do is wait and that drives me crazy.


Cabbie - May 31

Tara, miscarriages and even deliveries can disrupt our bodies hormones terribly. You know that I had to take fertility meds to have my two girls and then after my second now I am able to get pregnant in a blink of an eye. My period was never regular until after my second delivery and then I could tell you by the minute hand on my watch when I would get my period. My point being that even if you haven't had a progesterone prob in the past, your body has been through hell and if you feel it is worth looking into so that you don't worry about it later, then I would push for the simple blood test. Just a suggestion. I'll be praying for you tonight and tomorrow. Keep me posted.


Tara S - May 31

Cabbie thanks for the info. Ill ask my doctor about the progesterone again. I got my Hcg results back and 136000 which is good for 7 weeks. Doctor says I will never feel safe until this baby is in my arms, I agree!Ill let ypu know how my ultrasound goes.


HopefulK - May 31

Tara, good luck with the U/S tomorrow. Keeping fingers crossed for your little one. xx


Tara S - June 1

Hi ladies, I had my ultrasound and baby had good heartbeat at 145 bpm, but was measuring 5 days behind. Im supposed to be 7 weeks 3 days and Im measuring 6 weeks 5 days. I don't know if thats ok. I see my doctor next Tuesday so Ill ask him. Take care



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