Can A Hpt Detect Miscarriage Please Read

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Tara S - June 14

I am approx 8.5 -9 weeks pregnant . I have had two ultrasounds and fetus had good heart. I did have spotting at 6 weeks and it went away two days later. I took an Hpt 2 weeks ago and it had two very very dark lines. I took an Hpt today again because of being worried and it had a light second line, but there(much lighter then before though). I bought another brand and same thing. I have already had two losses one at 12 weeks missed miscarriage and one at 18 weeks 5 days due to chromosome abnormality that was non herditary. Im really scared and can't see my doctor until tomorrow afternoon. I just wanted to know if this has happened to anyone else? Up to 7 weeks i had blood work done and my levels were good and doubling, I guess I expected a strong second line.


KitCat - June 15

Hi Tara.....I had a very similiar experience as you have had. I've been pregnant 7 times and have one 6 y/o son. The last pregnancy I took a HPT and the test line was very dark. Even after having all of the losses, we were still very excited. I had tested on a WED., went for bloodwork on Thurs. So I had to wait all weekend for the results. For some reason I took another test on Sat. and the test line was barely there. I knew right away what it meant. I tested again on Mon. morning and no test line. The blood work said my hcg level was 62 when it should've been in the 7,000 range. I went for more bloodwork one more time that week to make sure it was going down, and that time it was at 14. About 5-7 days later the bleeding started. I know this information isn't very comforting, but it's truthful. Hoping the best for you.


Tara S - June 15

Hi , KitCat for answering, So sorry about your losses. My levels at 7 weeks were 136000 and had been doubling correctly all along, its so strange that this is happening. How far along were you when you took the second test. I think Im most likely dealing with a miscarriage, but strange that I have already seen fetus with heartbeat of 145bpm and my levels started out so good. I should have got my doctors to test my levels again, but my Ob gyn is out of town. I have to go to my family doctor this afternoon so I hoping Im still having a baby. So sorry for all your losses!


cush74 - June 15

Hi Tara, I feel terrible that you have to go through this after all you've been through in the past. Have you lost any of your pregnancy symptoms? I ask this because just before I had my miscarriage I lost my symptoms. If you still feel preggo, that's a good sign.


hcw - June 15

hi tara - i'm so sorry you're having to confront this... hopefully it's nothing - as cush74 said, if you still have your symptoms, that's a very good sign, if you have stopped spotting, that is also a very good sign since 30% of women have spotting with a full term pg...finally, i've read that the darkness of the line on an hpt doesn't necessarily mean anything ( so here's hoping that it's just a aberrant bit of spotting and that all's well... will cross fingers and toes for you - please let us know how you are doing... best wishes and sticky baby dust...


Morrison1 - June 15

Hi Tara - I am sorry for your losses. I have had two m/c as well, so I can relate a bit. I lost them both just shy of 6w. In both cases, my HCG never got over 150, so it stayed really low and in both cases I still had lines after the actual m/c. I also lost my symptoms. How faint is this other line? REALLY faint or just lighter than the first test? I would try not to worry about the darkness of the line, just that there is a line. And, with HCG levels like yours (136000) it would take quite awhile for it to drop low enough to be detected in the color of the line or for those lines to disappear. Most tests measure anywhere from 5 to 50 hcg, and you'd have a ways to go before you hit that kind of low level. I would imagine the darkness of the line means very little and if you still have symptoms you are probably still fine. And, on, you can also see what level of HCG the test you used detects to. Wishing you the best.


Tara S - June 15

Thanks for your kind words and info. I looked up pee on a stick web site. It was the most rea__suring site Ive found. The line was so dark 2 weeks ago and yesterday you could see the line right away, but much lighter no dark Ink at all. My first loss was a missed miscarriage and I lost all symptoms as well, this time I still got up in the night to pee and last night ate some pizza I usually love and it tasted yucky. One b___st hurts, the other doesent hurt that much. If I woulden't have taken the test I would still think I was pregnant. I actually took the test for rea__surance because I was having a bad v____al infection and it did the opposite. I have my appointment at 4:00 today and the waiting is killing me. Im so tierd of all of this stress, nothing seems to go my way lately. My gut feeling keeps telling me something must be wrong for the test to even be somewhat light when my Hcg levels were so high before. thankyou so much for thinking of me and responding. You are all such wonderful women and Im so sorry for losses!


Morrison1 - June 15

Let us know how it goes. I understand your fears - they are very real and natural for women that have gone through what we have - but I believe you are going to be just fine! I am glad you checked out that site, too.


Tara S - June 16

Thankyou for all your support! I had an ultrasound today and got to hear the heartbeat. baby measured 8 weeks 5 days (5 days behind again so I must have ovulated late). I do have a v____al infection, but thats better then thinking I lost the baby. I hope I survive first trimester without having a major breakdown.Im going to forget about the test I took and try and relax and what ever happens Its out of my control.Its so hard though when you want a healthy baby so bad. Best wishes for all you ladies!


Morrison1 - June 16

That's great news. I am so glad to hear it!! Don't give that test another thought...just enjoy your healthy pregnancy!


kiza - June 16

Hey Tara S, thats great news. I work in a dr's surgery and Know that when you get between 8-12 weeks preggers hcg levels even out sometimes drop before they start rising again in the last trimester, so perhaps that was all that was happening to your body. You are right to put it out of your mind and concentrate on the future. Best of luck


KitCat - June 20

Tara....I'm glad to hear the news was good at your u/s. Good luck to you with your pregnancy.



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