Can A Mc Hapen When You Bleed Really Light With No Pain

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xxhannaxx - February 17

Hi ive had on and off spotin for 6 days now 5 days ago i had a scan i was 5 weeks 5 days they saw baby sac and everything in right place but no heart beat the said they do expect one and i should expect a misscarrage. how long will it be till i do i have been spotting but no heavy atall is that a good sign? i have to go bk in 3 days for another scan whats the chances i have already lost the baby i havent had no pain either? please someone asnwer


janlake83 - February 20

it's a good sign as long as your not having abdominal pain and hope for the best doctors can be wrong that what my husband and i are hoping for.


RGHsMom - February 23

Hi there - I am currently in the exact same position you are. I believe I started to m/c at 5 1/2 weeks (5 days ago) . I am still bleeding but it's always been light - more than spotting less than a period. I have however, had some mild cramping/backache that started after the day I think I may have m/c'd which I THINK could have been on Monday when I pa__sed a small amount of clots. I just had a Dr. appt today with a different clinic to get a second opinion (my original Dr. said there was no need for me to come in and that didn't fly right with me). I went in and the Dr. told me the only true way to find out at such an early stage is to do a blood test today then again on Saturday to see if the hcg levels are decreasing. Unless I had saved the clots I pa__sed there's no way to tell if it's already happened or not. He did say that it's not at all uncommon to have on/off light bleeding. He also said that cramping/bleeding after the m/c can linger as well. All he can do is confirm that my hcg levels are in fact decreasing and said that I'll have to wait it out that sometimes it can take up to 3 weeks but if after 4 weeks it hasn't stopped then we need to look further into it. Lastly, he said that its HIGHLY unlikely to need a d&c after only having been 5+weeks along. Typically, that's used on women who are say 10+ weeks or have difficulty for an extended time frame. I hope this is helpful to you as I'm right in the same shoes looking for the exact same answers you are. Just know that everyone is different and unfortunately, all we can do is "wing it". Good luck and hopefully we both get through this soon so we can start trying again!


suzzieq - February 23

Hi Hanna, sorry for what you are experiencing. I lost my baby at about 5 and half weeks. I just had ultrasound today and there was nothing there. I too only bleed very lightly, started to spot on feb 2nd on feb4 started light bleeding until just tuesday morning. I had no pain really either, cramps and back pain. I never pa__sed any clots or tissue so I didn't think I had lost it yet. It is such a confusing thing to go through, I wish you and everyone else the best, Take Care.


mjs264 - February 24

Hey Hanna - so did you go back and find out what was the outcome? Hope everything's alright. I had a similiar situation to yours. I started to bleed very lightly, more like spot, but at 7wks. My u/s showed the sac only and the Dr. also told me to expect one. I was told to come back 2wks from that u/s to check for any changes, it was still the same. So on the 2nd u/s, they told me that I was in the early stages of m/c, that there should've been a baby in the sac w/a heartbeat by that time already. So they gave me the option of waiting it out naturally and to come back in 2wks if nothing had happened, then from there we could discuss options for removal of the sac. However, the exact day of my appt, I hemorrhaged very badly, w/out cramping and went to the E/R. They did nothing for me though, I ended up going home with no treatment but IV fluids??? The next day, I started to get very bad cramps that took me back to the E/R, but at a different hospital. As soon as I got there, I hemorrhaged again, and ended up having a suction d/c. So, it all really depends on the pregnancy. Everyone's pregnancy is different. There are some who spot and the scan could've been done too early which shows no h/b. I wish the best of luck to you. Let me know how the appt went!!



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