Can D Amp C Do Damage And Make It Hard To Fall Pregnant

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kristie h - July 16

Hi Girls, I am just want to know if d&c's can cause damage on the inside that stop you from falling pregnant. I have had two miscarriages one in june last year and 1 in feb this year and had to have a d&C for both. This is the longest it has ever taken for me to fall pregnant. Do you think they could of done damage while doing the d&c? or is it normal to take a while after a miscarriage to fall pregnant? Plz help


kristie h - July 16

Does anyone know?


kristie h - July 16



pupo - July 17

Kristie - I'm very sorry for what you've had to go through. You're question is a tough one. I had a m/c which resulted in a d&c in April and have been worrying about that as well. There are many girls that go through similar experiences to go on and give birth so we have to believe everything is ok and pregnancy will happen when it's meant to happen. I think its normal to take awhile to fall pregnant under any circ_mstances and we just have to be patient and stay positive. Sorry I can't give you a definitive answer but I hope what I said helps somewhat. Don't lose hope!


ksorbin - July 17

Kristie....there is a chance that the D&Cs can cause some scarring in your uterus that make implantation a little more challenging. Believe it or not 2 D&Cs are not excessive. If you are really concerned, please call your nurse or doctor. I am sure they would be happy to explain the chances, etc.


karen goode - July 18

Hi Krstie, I am sorry for your losses. I too had two miscarriages. MIne were back to back. I had d&c's with both. I went on to go to a Reproductive specialist. One of the tests he did was a hysterosalpinogram. It was to check my tubes and uterus. If he found scaring he would have told me but he did not. I am now pregnant. D&C's actually increase your fertility for a few months right after. I wish you all the best.


d16mond - July 18

Hey Kristie - yes there is a chance that having a d&c can cause irrepairable damage or repairable damage.. Sometimes our bodies need time to heal any way after a m/c or pregnancy. Im usually really fertile but it took me a year to get pregnant this time, since my last pregnancy. Can also be weight changes, I have been under weight most of the last 12 months due to stress, and I think that didn't help as well. Vitamins and keeping mind and body in good order helps a lot.


d16mond - July 18

Oh and I thought I had better mention I have had 4 d & c s.


sahmof3 - July 18

I had one D&C. No uterine scarring, but my cervix was scarred and was so thick I was unable to dilate past 1/2 cm. with my first (I didn't know about the scarring at the time, so I went through labor). It ended up a c-section, and my next two were scheduled c-sections. I remember on the consent form it said there was a SLIGHT risk of uterine scarring- don't remember anything about cervical scarring, though. For you, being young and having had a successful pregnancy, it's probably just your body resetting itself to prepare for a healthy pregnancy. ~***baby dust***~


HOPE - July 24

Kristie. I am also very worried about the damage that might have been done from two d and cs. I got pregnant the first time that I tried and at 10 weeks I discovered that it was a blighted ovum. I tried everything to avoid a d and c but eventually needed one. I waited 3 months afterwards and it took an additional 5 months to get pregnant again. I found out at 9 weeks that the baby had stopped growing at 7weeks. I waited a month and eventually needed a d and c again. It is now 6 months after my second d and c and we are emotionally ready to try again. My period is always regular but it is so light I am so afraid that the d and c has messed up my periods forever and will ruin my chances of ever having kids. Are your periods really light too? Does anyone know if you can find out if there is scarring without an invasive test? I am sorry that my questions and worries are probably not making you feel any better. All of the best, and hopefully our worries are just that.


kristie h - July 24

Hi Hope, Yes my cycle are not the same since my 2nd loss. I have a post on here called THE PILL AND HORMONE IMBALANCE If you would like to read that. Best of luck



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