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Ellie - October 20

Thanks Kim for your advice. Lily- i agree with you, even though i was further gone than some and only recent, i am even more determind to fall again as soon as possible with or without a period. after all i have been through people ask if i have been put of by the experience, but i would move heaven and earth to be 17 weeks again. i feel cheated but i am not a depressed person so i feel that i am ready to try again. and i think deep down you will know if you are ready. i say go with your feelings not the doctors.


Amy - October 20

yes you can i got pg 3wks after my m/c and now i'm 22wks 5d :)


Lisa G - October 20

I had a miscarriage 9-13-05 My doctor told me it was not necessary to wait before trying again, so on 9-29-05 I conceived again. I am 39 and have a beautiful 13 month old daughter and hope this pregnancy will deliver us another healthy baby!


Angela - October 20

God bless all of you. I m/c on October 3rd and I think I just stopped bleeding. I'm not sure what I will do but I think I will wait until after 1 period to try again. I want a baby so bad and I will be 34 this Dec. but I am scared to death to be pregnant again. I don't know how I won't worry myself into another m/c. I hope it works out for every woman here. By the way can anyone tell me what (af) means? thanks.....


Lily - October 20

You are all such an inspiration to me. I miscarried Oct 12th. I was 12 weeks pregnant. The more I write what all of you write the faster I feel myself healing, I know now that it is okay to mourn the loss of my baby. That it is okay to try again when I am ready to. That I don't have to feel guilty. Thank you all for being so courageous and sharing your stories. You have all helped me in healing and making it through this difficult time. Love and happiness to you all


Ellie - October 21

Angela- i think (af) means Aunt Flo, in other words your period. Lilly- at times like this it is nice to talk to other people in the same position. there are alot of people out there who thankfully have not been in our situation,but just do not understand, they think you should just get on with it. i believe that it is unhealth to hide your feelings and not to grieve. If i had had to walk away from the Hospital after delivery without closure, i dont think i would be feeling as well as i do now. But having to have a funeral help me take him that final step and send him on his way. a little poem for you "An Angel in the book of life wrote down my babies birth, and whispered as she closed the book, to Beautiful for earth.


Stephanie - October 22

I had a D&C two days after I turned 12 weeks. I bled for two days after the D&C. Thrity-two days later I had AF type cramps, but only spotted for 5 days. Barely enough to use a panty liner. Now twenty six days later I began a new cycle, but still barely spotted for three days. My normal cycle was heavy on first and second day, light on third, and spotting on fourth and fifth. Could I count this last two cycles (where I only spotted) as being a normal period? I want so desperately to be pg again. We prayed for the last baby for ten years. Finally DH had a vasectomy reversal last March and after trying for two months we were pg.


Ellie - October 22

Stephanie - they say that if you have over 20 clear days between your m/c bleed and the next, that is your first period. as for your next that was another 26 days so it would also be one. everyboby is different, from reading other peoples stories some say that since m/c there periods have been so short and light. i wish you the best of luck for the next one x


Stephanie - October 22

Thanks Ellie! I had not heard it other women had lighter periods or not.


steph29 - January 13

I had a m/c Nov. 24-25th. I pa__sed the baby fine. Then on Dec.22nd my husband and I had unprotected s_x. My 1st cycle came on Dec. 24th but here about a week ago. My b___st started to really hurt and I feel pregnant. Can this happen???


anjie702 - November 26

im wondering the same thing right now I had a m/c 10/21/07 from lmp I should have be 10 weeks and by u/s said the baby died at 5 weeks 6 days.It has been 31 days and no sign of a period yet that I can tell of.Could I be pregnant or shoud I wait until the whole 6 weeks up to test and see if I am and if I test then it will be on december 13th. Im guessing that is my lucky number my son was born on 07/13/04 found out I was pregnant with his sister 08/13/05 and had her 04/13/06.


galia - December 17

anji plz tell me did you get pregnant i had a mc12/15 i was 6 weeks pregnant i need to know if i can immediately trying to conceive a new baby ,


anjie702 - December 18

galia-no im sorry i forgot to post lately i didnt get pregnant i had my first period on 11/26th but my second period after the m/c is 8 days away and if I dont get my period by the 1st of Jan i will be testing i will try to post here as soon as i know if I am pregnant or not sorry I didnt update my info after i got my period


wantsamirclebaby - August 24

hi my name is jasmine i am 20 years old and just experienced a bad loss..i was about 8 weeks pregnant with my first baby.some how i had a m/c and dont kno how.about 2 weeks after the m/c me and my boyfriend had unprotected s_x i have still no sign of a period wat can this mean!oh and i m/c on july 27th 2009 and its almost been one month sense it happened.please comment soon


lozzy - August 25

Hi Jasmine, sorry to hear of your loss, i miscarried a few days after you did so I know what you are going through. apparantly it can take between 4 and 6 weeks for your period to come after a miscarriage, however it is very possible to get pregnant right after you miscarry. Good luck!!!


wickedlove52 - February 22

Hi my name is Jessyca and I was 2 months & 3 days and I found out that I just had a miscarriage in Feb and me and my fiance have been having s_x without protection,we dont know if Im pregnant again,I have all the same symptoms that I had before when I first got pregnant



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