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wickedlove52 - February 22

Hi my name is Jessyca and I was 2 months & 3 days and I found out that I just had a miscarriage in Feb and me and my fiance have been having s_x without protection,we dont know if Im pregnant again,I have all the same symptoms that I had before when I first got pregnant



How can I get the preg hormone out of my body quicker after D&C so I can TTC again


donna1213 - August 24

I had miscarriage D&C on May 3...was pregnant again after 1 cycle. Had another miscarriage D&C August 18 :( Baby had strong heartbeat at 8 week ultrasound then no heartbeat at 10 weeks. I have fibroids and doctors believe that is what is causing my miscarriages.


sjphish - August 27

Hi my name is Sarah and I am 27 years old. I miscarried my first pregnancy on 7/28/2010. It was a natural miscarriage, no dnc. Everything checked out fine after. I ovulated on 8/11/2010, and had unprotected s_x before and after that date. I have not started my period and it has been over 4 weeks since miscarriage. I know that it can take up to 6 weeks after m/c, but I am trying to be hopeful that perhaps we conceived. I had a weird pain in my lower stomach, which has gone a away now but my gyn wants to check me out. Going today for a checkup and I hope they test for pregnancy!! I am so glad I can just put this info out there and know others have experienced the same loss. Your stories help me find some peace and hope. Thanks for reading, and wish me luck!!


MeganM - August 31

Yes you can! I am sorry for your loss, but there is still hope.


Roxi - January 26



Roxi - January 26

i would go with my feelings too.


Roxi - January 26

Erin with you not havin a period before you got pregnant how did the pregnacy go like with your weeks and stuff and due date. I recently had a d&c January the 7th, we found out we lost our baby on our first doctors appointment. We are not trying again but were not preventing it. Whatever happens just happens. I hope we have a success if we get pregnant. But i have read that without knowing your last day of cyle can cause trouble for the doctors with everything?


Angelina29 - March 5

I miscarried 1 week ago at 11 weeks and was wondering how long should i wait to try again. I'm still spotting on and off, but i really don't want to wait. What could wrong if i did get pregnant?


Tam20 - March 6

Hi I have a miscarriage at 9 weeks on the 7th March 2011 I bleed heavy for a good 4 days and then spotted for another 3/4...still havn't got my first period. hope that helps you algelina...


Angelina29 - March 14

What Did your doc tell you, did they say to wait, or can you try gain right away? I'm anxious to try again, but i don't want to increase the chances of another m/c by getting pregnant to early. and i definatly don't want to wait 3 to 6 months.


doxiediva - March 15

Hello I have a similar situation. I had a very early mc on Jan 27/11. The mc happened around the time my period was due. I am suspcious that I am pregnant again. I must note that I have PCOS and PKD, difficult time getting preg and staying preg..this was my 2nd mc. I have many symptoms of being preg for over a week ( including spotting and major cramps), but we all know they are the same as PMS. What do you think? Too soon to be preg again, or period is on its way? Thank you :)


Angelina29 - March 27

Yes thank you very much! :) I hope everything works out for all of you.


samantha2011 - April 10

Hello, I was really excited to get pregnant after trying for less than a month. But unfortunately i miscarried at 6 weeks. It has been very hard for me to deal with the mc. I had the mc on 26 march and bled for about 7 days but my husband is at a school for 2 weeks he should be back 17 April do you think its possible for me to be ovulating then? I really want to get pregnant again.


samantha2011 - April 10

i had a mc on the 27th of march it was very hard for my husband and I. This was our first pregnancy and we were very excited and we told everyone. We took it really hard but were ready to try again. The doc told us to wait but i read you can try again when your ready. My husband is out of town until the 17th is it possible for me to ovulate then? I want to be pregnant again!


May11 - April 10

Samantha-I know how you feel. I mc just last week and it was very shocking and unexpected..I am feeling better now. I do want to try again ASAP. OB told me to wait one cycle, but I am going to try again now!! I read that if you have an early mc that you can treat it like a menstrual cycle and that's what I chose to do. I also read on tons of sites that you will ovulate shortly after mc and are more fertile, so I don't want to miss this chance to pregnant again. I guess I am just so focused on having a baby with the man I love..we are praying and hoping for one and I want it more than anything.I say go for it when you're ready emotionally and physically!



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