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May11 - April 10

Samantha-I know how you feel. I mc just last week and it was very shocking and unexpected..I am feeling better now. I do want to try again ASAP. OB told me to wait one cycle, but I am going to try again now!! I read that if you have an early mc that you can treat it like a menstrual cycle and that's what I chose to do. I also read on tons of sites that you will ovulate shortly after mc and are more fertile, so I don't want to miss this chance to pregnant again. I guess I am just so focused on having a baby with the man I love..we are praying and hoping for one and I want it more than anything.I say go for it when you're ready emotionally and physically!


May11 - April 10

I forgot to add that we told everyone too. We were so ecstatic and excited and couldn't control the emotions! I am still sitting here thinking, 'how is this gone in just one split second?' I am still searching for the 'why?' and 'how?' in this mc. But, I know it was probably a chromosomal abnormality.


katryntjie - April 11

hi samantha and may11. I had my mc on the 21 march. Was the worst thing i have ever experienced. My hubby and i were so excited and we too told everyone and anyone who stood still long enough to listen. I was 6 weeks and had only known i was pg for 12 days. I spoke to a friend of mine who is a fertility specialist and she suggested i take a supplement called fertivor... It builds up your endometric lining especially after an mc and helps your cervical mucus to be more healthy and sperm friendly etc. I too am trying again right away. I'm trying not to let it become an obsession but i want to be a mum so badly that i've even convinced myself that i've got early pregancy symptoms.... I might be pg again, but i'm too scared to test right away i want to wait at least another 3 weeks if i still have no period... Just in case. Good luck to you ladies... Baby dust!!!


katryntjie - April 11

it's sort of comforting to know that i'm not the only one with these hopes and especially these fears and feelings of guilt... ''What could i have done to prevent it, what did i do wrong, why me???'' or ''what if i have another mc?? Should i be terrified of getting pg again??? And ''i want to be a mum, i hope i'm pregnant, no i don't what if it happens agin but then again, i hope i am'' so confusing isn't it?? Anyway just wanted to say thanks it's nice having people to talk to who understand my rollercoaster of feelings and worries.


May11 - April 11

katryntjie-I know it's hard and terrible and everything else that is bad. When you and your hubby want a baby so bad that all you can think about is your cycle and when this happens and that does become an obsession. I take my BBT, check CM, and I stock up on ovulation tests so I won't miss that magical day when the egg is release...I never pictured myself to become this involved in the whole fertility/pregnancy process. The fact is, I need to be this way and I want to be this way, because I want a beautiful baby and I am willing to learn everything I can about conceiving and pregnancy to make it happen. After last week, I have a new obstacle to face and that is 'miscarriage'. I am diving into websites full of info on miscarriages and why it happens and statistics..this has become a new obsession on top of just conceiving. I think it's my way of coping with the loss and guilt and sadness that has been with me since that day. I cope by educating myself. I know we will be mother's some day very soon. I had one healthy pregnancy (10 yrs ago) and I know I will have another one..I just have to believe that.


melanie2121 - May 3

My name is Melanie I had a D/C for a "missed abortion" of identical twins on February 18th and I was curious how long it will take to get pregnant again. Every time my period comes I feel depressed. For some reason, I feel that those twins (which I wanted more than anything in this world) is the only time I will experience pregnancy.. :(


casey_woodward - May 4

hi i am Casey and this was my 1st pregnacy i was 10 weeks when i lost my baby :( i told everyone i was pregnant i felt soooo excited then i lost it on the 25th April my uncles anniversary of his death and my wedding was on the 30th April so i feel like i am bad luck. lucky i had family too look after me and my lovley fiance we are going to try again but i dont want to wait till my next cycle has any 1 else not waited? or am i being selfish?


amc29 - May 16

is it possible for a woman to get pregnant 5 times in 5 months and have a miscarriage each time?


Jessii - May 17

Hi, my name is Jessica, I had a miscarriage on 04/20/2011. my level had gone from 17.5 when i went to the hospital due to bleeding and cramping to just 3 two days later when i went in for follow up blood work. I have yet to have my period and have been getting a gut feeling again like i had when i was pregnant. I was 5 weeks. I did not have a d/c because the doctor said i miscarried naturally. (He was not a good dr.) He told me i could start trying again ASAP. I just need to know, is it possible that i am pregnant again this soon? Also, i took 4 tests all negative and one im not sure about, i had thrown it away thinking it was negative but went to open the trash can and it was right on top with 2 lines(positive). it had been in there for 4 days, it was a first response test. does time affect it?


Jessii - May 17

Oh, Casey, I havent waited at all, but my doctor also said that i didnt have to. I have done a lot of research and from what i understand doctors only say that to track your due date.


MariaFritton - May 19

Hi everyone, i'm hoping to give you all some rea__surance with this positing, I know this site has helped me a lot talking to other women in our position. I found out I had lost our baby at 8 weeks, the baby stopped growing around 6weeks, I had a D&C immediately, on April 11th, my Dr happens to be my boss, as well as a good friend, she a__sured me attempting pregnancy, and putting it into gods hands was perfectly safe after the D&C, well she was right, I learned I fell pregnant again, and tested positive last week, with confirmed HCG's monday and today, rising properly. So, as you see, it's safe, and possible, however, I can also tell you, it doesn't get any easier! The stress and worry is so intense I could scream, but knowing that god has a plan, helps me sleep at night, best of luck to you all!


alyse - May 21

Hi, this is my fisrt time on this site and i am hoping that it will help me. I had a mc on the 19th of April. It was very hard for me and my husband. His has Pancreatic cancer and was doing chemo when we found out that I was pregnant. Here it is a month later and I am starting to wonder when I am going to start my cycle again. But for some reason I am starting to have pregnacy signs. For instance, my b___sts are getting bigger but are not sore. Also by stomach is also getting bigger. At first I thought that I was just getting fatter. LOL. But what is weird about it is that me and my husband havent been very s_xually active ever since my mc. Any thoughts on what might be going on I would be thankful.


sarahs30 - May 23

Hi everyone, this is also my first time here an for a very sad reason i also lost my son at 25 weeks he was stillborn, that was on the 10th april 2011 which is now 6 weeks ago well just over... an im still bleeding its not loads but its there. Me an my partner want to try again but while im bleeding im really not sure if i can still get pregnant??? Iv been searchin around on here to see if i can find anything out.... but nothing.. its driving me crazy as i just want it to stop so i can try again..My doc said i am ok to try again as soon as i want. Alyse it is very posible that you could be pregnant so soon as it can happen straight away even it you've only been s_xually active a few times or even once. Are you wanting to be pregnant again?? An good luck to everyone else that is tryin. I hope it happens for us all very soon.


sarahs30 - May 23

Hi everyone, this is also my first time here, an clealy not for a good reason. I lost mt son at 25 weeks, gave bith to him sleepin on the 10th april 2011 but since then i havent stopped bleeding its been just over 6 weeks now an its driving me crazy, iv heard you can still get pragnant while bleading but im really not sure... does anyone no if you can??? My doc said i can try again an soon as i want but while this bleeding is here its making me feel really down as i dont feel i can try.. An Alyse you could be pregnant as iv heard it can happen straight away.. do you want to be pregnant? Good luck to all you out there i hope it happens for us all very soon.


mleahangel151 - July 18

It was my 1st pregnancy and I ended up having a m/c on june 21 I was about 11 weeks and the doctor said the fetus stopped developing at 8 weeks. There was no heartbeat. I had a D&C and the doctor told me to wait till my 1st regular cycle but I ended up having unprotected s_x more than 4 times before waiting and I just want to know is there a risk now to having another mc if I get pregnant again and when can I take a pregnancy test to find out if Im pregnant???? plz help I really want a healthy baby and im ready to have one thanks


kstrong - July 21

mleahangel151-- i had a D&C done June 20th due to a misssed miscarriage. i was 12 weeks but found out the baby died at 8 weeks. My doc also said to wait for one period. but my husband and I decided to not use protection and see what happens. I took a clearblue digital test and it says im pregnant! so i would say wait till 4-5 weeks after your m/c and test! I go to the doc tomorrow to make sure its not left over hormones,,,and i also was wondering about the chances increasing if you try to soon, but from what iv read there really isnt a greater chance. So if im pregnant and my body wants me to be thats great! Let me know what you find out!



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