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kstrong - July 21

mleahangel151-- i had a D&C done June 20th due to a misssed miscarriage. i was 12 weeks but found out the baby died at 8 weeks. My doc also said to wait for one period. but my husband and I decided to not use protection and see what happens. I took a clearblue digital test and it says im pregnant! so i would say wait till 4-5 weeks after your m/c and test! I go to the doc tomorrow to make sure its not left over hormones,,,and i also was wondering about the chances increasing if you try to soon, but from what iv read there really isnt a greater chance. So if im pregnant and my body wants me to be thats great! Let me know what you find out!


ja__lize1217 - August 13

I had a miscarriage on the 6th and the doctor told me to wait for 2 weeks to have s_x..but I don't want to wait because that's to long for me to not have s_x... and say I get pregnant what are the chances of me having a miscarriage again???? Please help me with my question


SweetTMarie - August 18

I just had my first miscarriage the end of May when I was 5 weeks. I got pregnant again a couple weeks later. I am now 11 weeks along and experiencing another miscarriage resulting from a blighted ovum. I never believed it would happen twice in a row. My doctor said that getting pregnant again so quickly after the first had nothing to do with the second. He also said there is nothing wrong, and both times were just flukes. He told me I don't have to wait but can try again right away. I just don't know if I could bear going through a 3rd miscarriage in a row, so I'm pretty scared. I'm also wondering how long this bleeding is going to last and how soon after it ovulation will occur.


March - August 20

i had a miscarriage at 4 weeks, and they said i could not have s_x for 3 weeks but me and my husband had s_x and he c_mmed inside me but i am still bleeding, but i peed everything out. can i still get pregrant or should i take the plan b pill to be on the safe side?


nb2166 - August 22

I had to had a surgical abortion at 18 weeks due to medical reasons. My little angel was missing a bone in her hand, with possible other problems that are a__sociated with this on. This was almost 4 weeks ago and my period did not come. I bleeded for 1.5 weeks and then spotted for another week or more.Is it possible to try again , without my period comming. I really miss my little angel and being pregnant. I was really far along and really connected with her which makes it harder emotionally. I know it will not be this baby, but if I can try again , it will help me to move on . I will never forget her , she is still my baby , but I dont want to pa__s per due date which is Dec 28th with the feeling of emptyness :(


nb2166 - August 22

we were fighting for her life for 6 weeks , in and out of the hospital with hope that we can do something for her. Our life has changed , it will never be the same wihtout her !


princey20 - August 26

I started spotting on the 9th august went for an emergency scan on the 10th thinking I was 12weeks had a v____al scan was told that my baby had never started to develop but my uterus had grown so my body had only just relised that there was no baby from what I have been reading this is a blighted ovum but was never told this by the sonogropher! I bled for a week very heavily but am still spotting now me and my partner really want to start trying again is it possible to fall again when I am still spotting??


latonia24 - September 20

i had a misscarriage on september 9,2011 and started having unprotected s_x on september 19,2011 could i get pregnant within this time?


kathe - September 21

Hi, i had a d&c on aug 23 due to miscarriage. i hav very light and irregular periods on 8th and 9th and again 1 week after that. they were not like the ones i had before the pregnancy. i feel like i might be pregnant again. i even had a pregnancy test at home which showd negative. but i dont trust the results because they showed negative even during my last pregnancy wen my baby was already 8 weeks old. does anybody hav an idea whats happening with me?? i m really worried.


Nicoliya - September 25

Hi, I had a d&c on the 4th September and to date have not seen my period. I had unprotected s_x on the 19 & 23 since i wanted to make sure my body had at least two weeks to heal. my nipples are very tender and i feel a bit bloated (not much). I really would like to know that I am pregnant again since that was the first positive test we had since we had been trying for more than three years. Has anyone else had this same experience and is it too soon for me to be pregnant again?


SairaB16 - October 29

My name is Saira, and I m/c on October 2nd at 13 weeks. It was my first pregnancy, and I found out I was pregnant on my birthday. We were so excited and we told everyone. Hubby and I started trying again a few days ago.. Monday I think, when I was ovulating..I'm really hopeful about getting pregnant again, I just don't want it to take two years like it did the first time. I go back to the OBGYN on tuesday for more blood work.. They are testing my HCG levels. If I am preg again, will the HCG levels reflect that, even though it's only been a week since we started trying again?


Owennangelbabymom - November 8

I want to take a moment to wish everyone the best of luck with their pregnancies and also to those trying to conceive! I am so glad I found this forum, as I find it difficult to talk to anyone about my feelings and concerns. I too suffered a miscarriage exactly 2 wks ago. It started with some brown discharge which turned into pinkish spotting weeks later and got slightly heavier but never to the point where I soaked a pad. My doctor suggested we wait 3 cycles to try again but I really don't want to wait that long. Am I being selfish in not waiting? I am afraid if I do get pregnant and miscarry again I may feel at fault. On the other hand I've also read that your body will only get pregnant if it's ready. All of your stories are consoling because at least I know I am not alone. Thanks to all for sharing!


cameronblove - November 26

i just had mc on november 17 and i wouldve been 7 wks pregnant that following sunday. doctor said i would bleed for about 5 days and i did. and even tho my doctor told me to wait 3 wks before having s_x. me and my husband couldnt wait. we wanted to have our baby. so we started trying again the day after i stopped bleeding. any chance i can get pregnant? or will it take a while?


kbayless09 - December 1

hi i miscarried at 14.5 weeks i went in for a doc apt and they said that my baby stopped growing at 10 weeks my doc gave me med to try to pa__s the baby on my own but the baby was to big for me to pa__s on my own so i ended up having to have a d&c on jan12 2008 and my doc told me not to have s_x for 5 to 10 weeks after but i wanted to try again and had s_x about 3 weeks after my d&c and i dont kno about n e one else but it hurt me bad i ended up not having s_x for about 3 months after my d&c but that has been 3 years ago and my and my hubby have not used condoms or birth control since i was preg last time but still cant seem to get preg again .... does anyone kno a trick to getting preg?!?


Adriana88 - December 19

Hi everyone i had a m/c on november 13 and i got my period on december 8 i had unprotected s_x right after my period ended could it be possible for me to get pregnant?


lovelovemj28 - December 23

hi adriana, sorry for your loss. i was wondering did u have a d/c? i diidnt and i had a m/c on nov 21, and i still didnt get my af im wondering if im prego to but i took hpt and it was - but i think i did it to early.



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