Can One Twin Survive If Other Miscarries

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BrownEydGrrl - November 3

I really hope someone can help me answer this, as I haven't gotten a straight answer on other sites!! I'm 28 years old, 12 weeks pregnant, never miscarried before, and I'm blessed to have 3 healthy children already. Went to my first exam on Thursday, midwife couldn't find heartbeat with doppler. Doctor tried external US to no avail, then found 2 sacs using internal US. Both contain fetuses, but one sac appeared to be breaking down. They think I have had a missed AB, still have not miscarried, but I'm still pregnant with another, younger baby. Has anyone ever heard of this? I feel like I'm in an episode of the Outer Limits. I go back for more labs Monday, and another US on Thursday. Please help!!!


samehere - November 3

Did the one twin have a h/b and was on schedule in growth? To answer your question, it is yes. If the twins are in different sacs with different placentas, one twin can die and the other can go on with no complications. It is called VTS or Vanishing Twin Syndrome. Usaully there is no bleeding and your body will absorb the fetus that didn't make it. That is where the "vanishing" part comes from. If your situation is neither twin has a h/b at 12 weeks when they should see one by week 7 or 8at the latest, then they probably both won't make it.


BriannasMummy - November 3

Yes.. it is possible for you to go on and carry the second baby to term. My dh's cousin has a little boy who was a twin. His twin died at about 4 months along.. and she carried both of the babies to term. The twin that had died came out first and then her son came out.. hes a happy healthy.. almost 5 year old. Another woman I met shared the story that her daughter was also a twin. The second baby died at 7 months along. She gave birth to the twin that died first and then to her healthy little girl. There are many people that have "vanishing twin syndrome" Where it shows two sacs inside.. but only one of those sacs is filled with a thriving baby. You do have great chances to go on and deliver the second baby. ~Kristin~


BrownEydGrrl - November 4

Thank you so much for your answers. I was reading back through my question and realized a couple things I forgot to include. One thing is that when I said one of the babies appeared younger, I meant that they think I got pregnant with the second one at a different time. I think they said something about me having possibly ovulated again without having miscarried the first baby yet. That's one of the things I thought was the weirdest, since I've never heard of two simultaneous pregnancies that are probably several weeks apart. In answer to one question, yes they did think they saw a flicker of a heartbeat on the second baby. It was hard to tell, because the first was in front, but they said the second sac was very "bright", or receiving plenty of blood flow. So far, no spotting or bleeding, just a bit crampy off and on. I hope that's a good sign that things are going to be okay with at least one of them. Thanks again for your responses, they were very helpful in easing my mind a little.


stefkay - November 4

Hi BrownEydGrrl, I've read some things about vanishing twin and it seems that in any twin pregnancy there is a chance that the babies can grown more slowly or at a different rate, causing them to measure off from lmp. I am praying for you and hoping for a good outcome. I know of at least one girl who had her baby recently who found out she was pregnant with twins, miscarried one and then went on to have one healthy baby. She was due in September I think? Not sure...anyways, it happens. I'm surprised they think they were conceived at different times because I was told that you cannot ovulate more than once in one cycle. You can release more than one egg when you ovulate, but it happens at the same time. The smaller twin is more likely small because it isn't healthy and isn't growing properly. With my miscarriages the fetus always measured about 2 weeks smaller than it should have been , so growth restriction early on is just a sign it's not growing well. The other may be behind a bit due to the other twin. May I ask how far behind they are measuring? Like how far along SHOULD you be as opposed to what the babies are measuring?


stefkay - November 4

p.s. I meant to say in there too, that if it is early on the body will often absorb the twin that doesn't make it, or it will bleed out.


BrownEydGrrl - November 4

I'm supposed to be 12 weeks pregnant right now. The one that appears to still be viable is the smaller one, and they said that one looks okay so far. The "older" one is the one whose sac looks like it's deteriorating. I don't know how it's possible, but they seem to think that the healthy-looking one is about a month younger than the first. Maybe I was going to miscarry the first and got pregnant before it was expelled, I guess. Like I said, I'd never heard of anything like this before either, so it's a little freaky to me. I didn't even know it was possible. Thanks for your reply.



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