Can Progesterone Supplement Hide A Missed Miscarriage Sign

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Lisa - April 24

I am 8 weeks and 2days pregnant, I never had morning sickness, just no appet_te. And my br___ts never be bigger or firmer, just tender, plus I don't think I had frequent urination although I peed often during the day, but never peed or only once during the night. Since I had two miscarriages before this one, doctor put me on progesterone suppliment. Two days ago, I notice I started to have appet_te, br___ts were less tender, still no night pee, no belly yet. I wonder is that normal? Yesterday, I expereinced lower belly pain, it's kind of between sharp and dull pain, it's hard to discribe, but it's not too severe and I have to bend my legs to sleep. It's better this morning. What I am scared is progesterone may hide the signs of a miscarriage, is that possible? People always talk about morning sickness, br___t changes, and frequent urination, when do they nomally kick in? I am desperiate, this is my 4th pregnancy and no baby yet. Thank you for sharing your experience


staci - April 25

Lisa, I dont know...I m/c on 3/27 and D&C 3/28. I was wondering about testing my progesterone...when did your doc test you? were you pg at the time? looking for answers. I know 2 people who were on progesterone up until 14 weeks of pg and both carried to term healthy babies! has your doc said anything?


Lisa - April 25

My progesterone level was 36 at 5weeks, which is normal. However, I had cramps at the time and two miscarriage before, so I requested to take progesterone. But doctor ordered a huge dose for me 200mg twice a day, so I decreased to 100mg twice a day. Progesterone should be tested at a certain time during your cycle, then if you really have that deficiency, then it should be used at the time you are trying to conceive (get your uterus ready for implantation). In my case, I don't have progesterone deficiency, but since there is no harm to use it, so doctor odered it for me to calm my cramping uterus. The only problem is if I do have a miscarriage, the sac is hard to come off on its own because progesterone using. That means I have to go though D&C, I didn't have D&C for last two miscarriages though, I am scared. Good luck for you next.


staci - April 25

lisa-thinking of you-good luck! I hope that you have a healthy baby this go around. did your doc have any thoughts as to what was causing your previous 2 m/c's? just wondering, it seems progesterone low levels is a cause but you said you dont have that. will you keep taking this until you are further along? not to bring up the past but how far along were you with your other 2? I pray that this happens for you, it sounds positive! Keep posted...


Cherie - April 26

Lisa, I was on progesterone. The doc told me yesterday that I am going to miscarry because my progesterone levels aren't going up. My levels are at 5 and they should be at 10-15, so he had me stop taking the progesterone. The doc will tell you if your levels are not going up. Some women don't have pregnancy signs (nausea, fatigue, sore b___sts ...), maybe you're just one of them. Good luck!


staci - April 26

cherie-i am so sorry to hear this. is this your first m/c? did your doc say why they weren't going up if you were taking progesterone? I have read that you take it to ensure they increase? when were you tested for low progesterone? when did they start you on the meds?



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